Name Title Email Phone Location
Director, Laboratory for Applied PK/PD
Research Professor, Department of Pediatrics
Core Director, KMAS


Athena Zuppa, MSE, MD Anesthesiology and Critical Care 215-590-5505 CHOP -CTRB
Senior Research Assistant 267-426-0961
Director, Laboratory for International Research & Relations; Pharmacometrician 215-590-8797
Erin Dombrowsky, MSE Research Assistant 267-426-5038 CHOP -CTRB
Sarapee Hirankarn, Ph.D Senior Research Associate 267-426-9638 CHOP -CTRB
Chee Ng, Pharm D., Ph.D Research Assistant Professor 267-426-2826 CHOP -CTRB
Gaurav Bajaj, Ph.D Post Doctoral Fellow 267-426- CHOP -CTRB
Amin Rostami, PharmD., Ph.D       SIMCYP
Trevor Johnson, PharmD., PhD +44-114-2717278 SIMCYP
Stefan Williams, PhD       BAYER HEALTH SERVICES
Evan Fieldston, MD, MBA Physician - PRN   UPENN
Robert Clancy, MD Pediatrics - Neurology 215-590-1719
Steven Douglas, MD Pediatrics - Allergy and Immunology 215-590-1978
Carolyn, Felix, MD Pediatrics - Oncology 215 590-2831 CHOP -CTRB
John Maris, MD Chief, Division of Oncology; Director, Center for Childhood Cancer Research 215 590 5244
Jun Shi , Ph.D       BMS
Carsten Skarke, MD Instructor A Alexander von Humboldt-Fellow 215-898-9006 UPENN
Tilo, Grosser, MD Research Assistant Professor of Pharmacology     UPENN
Garrett Fitzgerald, MD Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology 215-898-1184 UPENN
Ian Blair, Ph.D A. N. Richards Professor of Pharmacology 215-573-9880 UPENN
Dwight Evans, MD Chairman - Department of Psychiatry   215-662-2818
Mike Fossler, PharmD. Ph.D Director - GSK     Glaxo SmithKliene
Marc Gastonguay, Ph.D Scientific Director   Metrum Institute
Sander Vinks, PharmD, Ph.D, FCP Professor and Director
Pediatric Pharmacology Research Unit and
Laboratory of Applied Pharmacokinetics & TDM 513-636-3232 Cincinnati Children's Hospital
Roger Jellife, MD Laboratory of Applied Pharmacokinetics 323-442-1300 University of Southern California
Bernd Meibohm, Ph.D, FCP Associate Dean for Graduate Programs & Research
Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences   University of Tennesse
Stephanie Laer, Ph.D       Dusseldorf University
Rob Bies, Ph.D       University of Indiana