The event site is the BRB Auditorium at the medical school. The Auditorium is on the first floor of BRB (Biomedical Research Building) II/III, on Curie Boulevard. Curie Boulevard can only be reached from 38th Street (a.k.a. University Avenue) on the west side of the medical school campus.

From I-95N, use I-676 toward Central Philadelphia to reach I-76 East. From I-76 East take the South Street Exit (#40) and take a right onto South (away from the river and downtown Philly; toward the stadium).

From I-95S, near the airport use PA-291 East toward I-76 West (Exit #11) to get onto I-76 West. Always follow signs to Central Philadelphia and/or I-76W. Once you are on PA-291, you will cross a high bridge, at the end of which you will need to take a left turn at a stop light to get onto I-76W proper. From I-76 West, take the South Street Exit (#40; it's a left-side exit) and take a left onto South (away from the river and downtown Philly; toward the stadium).

Once on South Street, continue west. South will turn into Spruce Street. Continue on Spruce until 38th Street. Take a left onto 38th St. Within a block, the VA medical center will appear on the right -- this is a clue to look toward the left for Curie Blvd, a service road into the medical center. The intersection with Curie Blvd. has a stoplight. After turning left onto Curie, the appropriate parking lot is immediately on the right, Lot 44. A parking attendant will have your name on a list. The event site is just down Curie Blvd (less than a block walk), on the right through the revolving doors. Please refer to the map below. BRB II/III is in the bottom right hand corner; I-76 is off the screen to the right. Please note that Curie Blvd. starts off the screen (do not take Guardian drive).

By taxi, have the driver drop you off at the main entrance to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania ("Hup") on 34th Street between Spruce and Civic Center Blvd. A Langfitt Committee member will be waiting in the lobby of the hospital. Please advise us of any changes in your travel plans so we can make these arrangements.

Please keep all receipts of symposium-related expenses. A reimbursement form will be provided at the event.