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The Langfitt Society consists of a group of medical students who are interested in actively promoting student interest in neurosurgery. As a group, we are led by the our Faculty Advisor, Dr. Michelle Smith (founder of the Langfitt Society), the chairman of the department, Dr. M. Sean Grady, as well as Langfitt's President, Whitney Parker. In addition, Langfitt's officers, with help from the leadership team, are responsible for organizing and running monthly events.

One way for medical students to learn more about neurosurgery at Penn is to attend one of the upcoming Langfitt events, and ask a society member about the best way to get involved. We are more than happy to pass on any helpful advice and help connect students with clinical and/or research opportunities. Students may also find the following links helpful:


    Link to contact information for Langfitt members and alumni (PennKey required).

    Link to Penn Neurosurgery Faculty

    Link to current Penn Neurosurgical Residents


Dr. M. Sean Grady, M.D.
Department Chairman

Dr. Michelle Smith, M.D
Faculty Advisor

Whitney Parker
Langfitt President


 Joaquin de Rojas  
Vice President   

Ariana Barkley
Vice President

Mark Attiah

Danielle Brewington

Jennifer Douglas
Langfitt Officer

Keisha Dodman
Langfitt Officer

Edward Larkin
Langfitt Officer

Venus Vakhshori
Langfitt Officer

Ashwin Ramayya
Langfitt Officer

Vinayak Nikam
Langfitt Officer



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