Penn Medicine MD-PhD

Combined Degree and Physician Scholar Programs



1. May I submit an abstract if my project isn’t complete yet?
Yes. Students at different stages in their research may submit an abstract and present at Research Day. The purpose of Research Day is to bring members of the Penn Med research community together to share each other’s work.

2. May I submit an abstract for a research project I worked on outside Penn Med?
No. Students can only submit abstracts for research that took place during their time at Penn Med.


1. Does the one-page abstract limit include tables and graphs?
Yes. Your abstract will be on a single page in the abstract book, thus it needs to be formatted according to the Abstract Guidelines

2. I am not able to attend Research Day. May I submit an abstract anyway?
Yes. Students are welcome to submit their abstract to be included in the abstract book. However, students must present at Research Day in order to be eligible for a prize.


1. Where can I go to print a large poster?
Students can go to any printing place such as Kinkos, Staples, etc. to print their poster. Other resources include:

  1. The Van Pelt Library Vitale Digital Media Lab provides printing services. For more info, visit:
  2. Biomedical Library now provides large printing services. For more info, visit:
  3. University Copy Service in Houston Hall. For more info, visit:

2. The posterboard dimensions are 36” x 60”. Is that 36” tall or 36” wide?
Most students make posters to fit 36” tall x 60” wide, because it is easier for the presenter and audience to see the poster at eye level. However, students are welcome to make posters 60” tall x 36” wide. 

3. My poster is over 36” x “60”. What should I do?
Contact Amy Nothelfer at least 2 weeks before the event, so she can make floor layout adjustments to accommodate your larger poster.

4. My research results have changed since the time I submitted my abstract. May my poster reflect the updated results?
Yes. You are welcome to present updated research results at Research Day.


1. How many faculty typically attend?
In 2008 we had over 50 faculty attend to view posters and discuss students’ research. We assign specific posters to faculty, when they arrive, in an effort to ensure that at least one faculty member will view each student’s poster. However, students must stand by their poster during their assigned poster session in order to benefit from this system.

If after reviewing this website, you still have questions, feel free to contact Amy Nothelfer,