Penn Medicine MD-PhD

Combined Degree and Physician Scholar Programs


Short term - Clinical
Jonathan Dunkman- 1st place
Transfusion of fresh frozen plasma in critically ill surgical patients is associated with an increased risk of infection
Mentor:  Dr. Babak Sarani

Adam Robertson- 2nd place
Medication refill cards predict virologic failure in Botswana
Mentor:  Dr. Robert Gross

Short term - Basic Science
Jeffrey Cohen- 1st place
Cripto stimulates myocardial proliferation and enhances ventricular function in ischemic cardiomyopathy
Mentor:  Dr. Y. Joseph Woo

André Ilbawi - 2nd place
Morphologic study of ascending aorta and aortic arch in Hypoplastic Left Hearts: surgical implications
Mentor:   Dr. Robert Anderson

Year out - Clinical
Sean Heffron – 1st place
Degree of acute phase response predicts the extent of HDL remodeling in human inflammation
Mentor: Dr. Muredach Reilly

Esther Vorovich – 2nd place
MMP-9 compared with BNP as a biomarker of ventricular remodeling in systolic heart failure
Mentor:  Dr. Thomas Cappola

Year out - Basic Science
Ryan Spivak- 1st place
In utero gene delivery of adenovirus encoded TGF-β3 restores embryologic palatal fusion and rescues cleft palate in a TGF-β3 knockout mouse
Mentor:  Dr. Richard Kirschner

Vivian Lee- 2nd place
Transuterine Nrl gene delivery to Nrl-/- photoreceptors induces rod specific protein expression
Mentor:  Dr. Jean Bennett

Scholarly Pursuit - Clinical
Rebecca King- 1st place
Routine CSF enterovirus PCR testing reduces hospitalization and antibiotic use in infants ≤90 days of age
Mentor: Dr. Samir Shah

Andrea Goldberg- 2nd place
Second trimester loss and subsequent pregnancy outcomes: what is the real risk?
Mentor:  Dr. Michal Elovitz

Scholarly Pursuit - Basic Science
William Hiesinger - 1st place
Targeted endothelial progenitor cell therapy increases myocardial oxygen tissue pressure characterized in vivo using oxygen-dependent quenching of phosphorescence
Mentor:  Dr. Y. Joseph Woo

Jennifer Nguyen - 2nd place
The role of Wnt signaling on melanocyte migration from the hair follicle bulge to the epidermis
Mentor:  Dr. George Cotsarelis

MD-PhD Rotation
Abby Olsen - 1st place
Cellular fibronectin enhances hepatic stellate cell myofibroblastic differentiation and migration in vitro
Mentor:  Dr. Rebecca G. Wells

Marta White - 2nd place
DNA damage in proliferating lymphocytes leads to loss of Cyclin D3 protein
Mentor:  Dr. Craig Bassing

MD-PhD Thesis
Jennifer Orthmann Murphy - 1st place
The role of connexin47 in gap junction coupling between astrocytes and oligodendrocytes
Mentor:  Dr. Steve Scherer

Vikram Palanivel - 2nd place
Asymmetric T lymphocyte division initiating the adaptive immune response
Mentor:  Dr. Steven Reiner

Daria Babushok - 2nd place
A novel testis ubiquitin receptor, S5a-like, arose by exon-shuffling in hominoids
Mentor:  Dr. Haig H Kazazian, Jr.