Penn Medicine MD-PhD

Combined Degree and Physician Scholar Programs


Short term - Clinical / Health Services
Anthony Halperin - 1st place
Perioperative anemia does not influence recovery after surgery:  results of a randomized, prospective trial
Mentor: Dr. Lee Fleisher

Fenton McCarthy - 2nd place
Warfarin drug interactions in a prospective cohort
Mentor: Dr. Stephen Kimmel

Short term - Basic Science
Jacob Shabason - 1st place
HDAC Inhibitors as a Novel Approach to Modulate the Cancer Stem Cell Phenotype
Mentor: Dr. Gary Kao

Anica Law - 2nd place
Characterization of pancreatic adenocarcinoma epithelial and mesenchymal tissue
Mentor: Dr. Ben Z. Stanger

Year out - Clinical / Health Services
Jillian Mongelluzzo - 1st place
Corticosteroids do not reduce mortality in children with bacterial meningitis
Mentor:  Dr. Samir S. Shah

Asad Nawaz - 2nd place
Diagnostic performance of FDG-PET, MRI, and plain film radiography (PFR) in the diagnosis of acute osteomyelitis in the diabetic foot
Mentor: Dr. Abass Alavi

Year out - Basic Science
Brijal Desai - 1st place
SCH727965, a novel cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor blocks melanoma cell growth through a combination of apoptosis and cell cycle arrest
Mentor:  Dr. Meenhard Herlyn

Aimee Kim - 2nd place
Prevention of type I diabetes in a murine model via early intrathymic gene transfer of a diabetes-resistant MHC class II allele
Mentor: Dr. Alan W. Flake

Scholarly Pursuit - Clinical / Health Services
Sattar Gojraty - 1st place (tie)
The effects of computerized alerts on the use of unapproved medication abbreviations by medical interns
Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Myers

Seth Martin - 1st place (tie)
Interaction between plasma leptin and c-reactive protein in association with metabolic risk and coronary atherosclerosis in humans
Mentor: Dr. Muredach P. Reilly

Amanda Methvin - 2nd place
Ventilatory Inefficiency is Associated with Right Ventricular Dysfunction in Patients with Advanced Cardiomyopathy
Mentor: Dr. Paul R Forfia

Scholarly Pursuit - Basic Science
Robert Fenning - 1st place
Inhibition of lipoprotein associated phospholipase A2 reduces coronary atherosclerotic disease in a diabetic, hypercholesterolemic swine model
Mentor: Dr. Robert L. Wilensky

Brandon Johnson - 2nd place
Characterization of Rod-Derived Cone Viability Factor in the animal models of Retinitis Pigmentosa
Mentor: Dr. Jean Bennett

MD-PhD Rotation
Jacob Lazarus - 1st place
Microtubule polymerization reconstituted in vitro and visualized in real-time
Mentor: Dr. Erika EL Holzbaur

Patrick Ward - 2nd place
Sin1, a TORC2 component, is essential for the rapamycin-insensitive and Akt-dependent increase in total cellular protein upon growth factor stimulation
Mentor: Dr. Morrie Birnbaum

MD-PhD Thesis
Ben Kleaveland - 1st place
Heart of glass receptor and cerebral cavernous malformation proteins regulate the formation and integrity of the cardiovascular system
Mentor: Dr. Mark Kahn

David Wise - 2nd place
c-MYC can initiate and satisfy a cancer cell’s addiction to glutamine
Mentor: Dr. Craig Thompson