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Training Program in Emerging Infectious Diseases

Training Sites:

  • University of Pennsylvania


A new NIH funded training grant has been awarded to the microbiology program to support students and postdoctoral fellows who work in labs that study emerging infectious diseases. Topics include emerging viruses (Ebola, Junin, Dengue and others), bacteria (cholera, MRSA), and parasites (malaria, Chagas) . New BSL3 containment facilities are available, and many or our trainers are associated with the Middle Atlantic Regional Center for Excellence in Emerging Infectious Diseases and Biodefense.

To be trainees on this grant, students must be admitted to candidacy for the Ph.D. degree through the biomedical graduate studies program at U. Penn. Inquiries and requests for application forms can be sent to:

240 John Morgan Building
37th & Hamilton Walk
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6064
Telephone: (215) 898-1030
FAX: (215) 898-2671


Training is centered around a research program conducted in the laboratory of one of the trainers whose research interests can be found at: on the faculty page. EID related training is supplemented by a number of seminar series, conferences, and retreats organized by the University of Pennsylvania and The Wistar Institute. Fellows also receive training in ethical and responsible conduct in research.


Interested candidates should send curriculum vitae to:

Dr. Robert Doms
Care of Jane Koller
Program Director

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
3400 Civic Center Blvd.
Main Bldg, 5th Floor, Room 5135
Philadelphia PA 19104
Tel (215) 590-4446

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