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Virology Research

Virology has long been a significant strength at the University of Pennsylvania, with viral pathogenesis being a particular area of expertise. Research on HIV is coordinated by the Center for AIDS Research and involves investigators at Penn, Children's Hospital, Fox Chase Cancer Center, and the Wistar Institute who study virus entry, vaccine development, neuropathogenesis, replication, and small molecule inhibitors. A large number of investigators study herpes viruses, characterizing their cell surface receptors, mechanisms of latency, and in the case of EBV and KSHV their ability to transform cells. Many other viruses are studied by investigators in the Microbiology program, including MMTV, murine coronaviruses, SARS, SV40, adenoviruses, bunyaviruses including Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever and Rift Valley fever, and coxsackie viruses. You can click on Emerging Infectious Diseases under Research to learn more about investigators who study emerging viral diseases, and on Tumor Virology to learn about work in this area as well.

Virology Researchers At University of Pennsylvania

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