Department of Microbiology

Shared Services

Common Resources Committee

The mission of this committee is to monitor the common space, departmental equipment, and services provided by the Department of Microbiology. Summaries of committee activity will be reported for discussion at Microbiology Faculty meetings. The committee will consist of 3 faculty members. Presently these are Paul Bates and Erle Robertson.

The committee will be responsible for monitoring usage and maintaining the common space on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors of the Johnson Pavilion. Requests for change in common space may be made to the committee, and will be considered in a timely fashion. The committee may recommend changes in common space in order to more efficiently fulfill the needs of the department. This will include changes in departmental equipment, and faculty owned equipment.

Departmental common-use equipment will be monitored, and new purchases recommended by the committee. Suggestions for purchases may be made to the committee (see shared equipment request form), and will be discussed at faculty meetings prior to purchase. Purchase will depend on need, available funds, and space. Recommendations for allocation of common equipment space will be made.

Shared services, provided by the department, will be monitored by the committee (departmental service tithe). The committee will obtain accurate information on the cost of the tithe from the Department financial officials to determine its value, number of users for the shared instruments within and outside the department and make recommendations for appropriate changes.

Committee recommendations will be presented to the Chair and the Faculty of the department at faculty meetings for discussion and approval.

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