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2017 Awards

Donita C. Brady, PhD                                                           Preisdental Professor of Cancer Biology                                           University of Pennsylvania                                                              "Characterizing Copper as a Modulator of PKM2 Activity and Cellular Function in HCC"

De'Broski R. Herbert, PhD                                                           Associate Professor of Pathobiology                                       University of Pennsylvania                                                              "Trefoil factor/LINGO axis regulates intestinal regeneration"

Josephine Ni, MD                                                             Instructor of Medicine                                                           University of Pennsylvania                                                              "Unique Growth Characteristics of E. Coli via the NtrB/NtrC Two-Component System in Vitro vs. in Vivo - a Signal Transduction Pathway Associated with Dysbiosis in IBD"

Ben Z. Stanger, MD, PhD                                                           Associate Professor of Medicine                                                 University of Pennsylvania                                                              "Epigenetic regulation of the epithelial-mesenchymal-transition"

Natalie A. Terry, MD, PhD                                                           Assistant Professor of Pediatrics                                           Children's Hospital of Philadelphia                                                 "High-throughput screening of enteroids to identify molecules involved in intestinal adaptation in short bowel syndrome"

University of Pennsylvania | Perelman School of Medicine