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Disappointed By The AMA, Doctors Start A New Organization To Fight Trump’s Health Care Policies
Huffington Post | December 2016

Jane Zhu, MD, MPP; Manik Chhabra, MD; Navin Vij, MD
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Emergency Department Length-of-Stay For Psychiatric Visits Was Significantly Longer Than For Non-Psychiatric Visits, 2002-11
Health Affairs | September 2016

Jane Zhu, MD, MPP; Astha Singhal, DMD, PhD; Renee Y. Hsia, MD, MSc
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Patients’ Rights Should Be a Bipartisan Issue 
Slate | January 2017

Jane M. Zhu, MD, MPP
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Why some Philly women are clamoring for contraception before Inauguration Day | January 2017

Sarah Horvath, MD
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Commentary: Carson can highlight links between housing and health care | January 2017

Manik Chhabra, MD
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Delegalizing Advance Directives — Facilitating Advance Care Planning
New England Journal of Medicine | June 2017

Joshua Rolnick, MD, JD; David Asch, MD, MBA; Scott Halpern, MD, PhD
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Educating the MACRA-Ready Cardiologist
Journal of the American College of Cardiology | August 2017

Srinath Adusumalli, MD; Paul Fiorilli, MD; Matthew Saybolt MD
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Alumni Publications


Yelp Reviews Of Hospital Care Can Supplement And Inform Traditional Surveys Of The Patient Experience Of Care 
Health Affairs | April 2016

Benjamin L. Ranard, MD; Rachel M. Werner, MD, PhD; Tadas Antanavicius; H. Andrew Schwartz, PhD; Robert J. Smith, MD; Zachary F. Meisel, MD, MSHP; David A. Asch, MD, MBA; Lyle H. Ungar, PhD; Raina M. Merchant, MD, MSHP
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Impact of State Ignition Interlock Laws on Alcohol-Involved Crash Deaths in the United States 
American Journal of Public Health | May 2016

Elinore J. Kaufman, MD, MSHP; Douglas J. Wiebe, PhD
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Residents' self-report on why they order perceived unnecessary inpatient laboratory tests 
Journal of Hospital Medicine | August 2016

Mina S. Sedrak, MD, MSHP; Mitesh S. Patel, MD, MBA, MSHP; Justin B. Ziemba, MD; Dana Murray, MSN, CRNP; Esther J. Kim, BS; C. Jessica Dine, MD, MSHP; Jennifer S. Myers, MD
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Association of Paid Sick Leave With Job Retention and Financial Burden Among Working Patients With Colorectal Cancer 
JAMA | December 2015

Christine M. Veenstra, MD, MSHP; Scott E. Regenbogen, MD, MPH; Sarah T. Hawley, PhD, MPH; et. al. 
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Understanding the Leaky Pipeline: Perceived Barriers to Pursuing a Career in Medicine or Dentistry Among Underrepresented-in-Medicine Undergraduate Students 
Academic Medicine | July 2016

Brandi Freeman, MD, MSHP; Alden Landry, MD, MPH; Robert Travino, MS; David T. Grande, MD, MPP; Judy A. Shea, PhD
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Racial Disparities In Geographic Access To Primary Care In Philadelphia 
Health Affairs | August 2016

Elizabeth J. Brown, MD, MSHP; Daniel Polsky, PhD; Corentin M. Barbu, PhD; Jane W. Seymour; David T. Grande, MD, MPA
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Pimping as a Practice in Medical Education 
JAMA | 2016

Anita Ravi, MD, MPH, MSHP
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Change In Length of Stay and Readmissions among Hospitalized Medical Patients after Inpatient Medicine Service Adoption of Mobile Secure Text Messaging 
Journal of General Internal Medicine | August 2016

Mitesh S. Patel, MD, MBA, MSHP; N Patel; Dylan S. Small, PhD; Roy Rosin, MBA; Nathaniel Stromberg; C. William Hanson, MD; David A. Asch, MD, MBA
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Opioids Prescribed After Low-Risk Surgical Procedures in the United States, 2004-2012 
JAMA | April 2016

Hannah Wunsch, MD, MSc; Duminda N. Wijeysundera, MD, PhD; Molly A. Passarella, MS; Mark D. Neuman, MD, MSHP
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Sexual Assault Awareness Month Blog
Reproductive Health Access Project | April 2017

Anita Ravi, MD, MPH, MSHP
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Pediatric and Adult Physician Networks in Affordable Care Act Marketplace Plans
Pediatrics | March 2017

Charlene Wong, MD, MSHP; Kristen Kan, MD, MPH, MSc; Zuleyha Cidav, PhD; Robert Nathenson, PhD; Daniel Polsky, PhD
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Patient Experiences of Trauma Resuscitation
JAMA Surgery | May 2017

Elinore J. Kaufman, MD, MSHP; Therese S. Richmond, PhD; Douglas J. Wiebe, PhD, et. al.
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Discriminative Accuracy of Physician and Nurse Predictions for Survival and Functional Outcomes 6 Months After an ICU Admission
JAMA | June 2017

Michael E. Detsky, MD, MSHP; Michael O. Harhay, PhD, MPH; Dominique Bayard, MD; et. al.

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Penn Center for Community Health Workers: Step-by-Step Approach to Sustain an Evidence-Based Community Health Worker Intervention at an Academic Medical Center 
American Journal of Public Health | November 2016

Anna U. Morgan, MD, MSc; David T. Grande, MD, MPA; Tamala Carter, CHW; Judith A. Long, MD; Shreya Kangovi, MD, MSHP
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Commentary: DHS must rethink care of children and families | September 2016

Mical Raz, MD, PhD
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Orphan Drugs, Regulations and Unintended Effects
Health Affairs Blog | May 2017

Joshua Liao, MD; Mark Pauly, PhD
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States Worse Than Death Among Hospitalized Patients With Serious Illnesses 
JAMA | October 2016

Emily B. Rubin, MD, JD; Anna E. Buehler, BS; Scott D. Halpern, MD, PhD
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To improve health care value, we need to know what we are paying for | October 2016

Joshua M. Liao, MD
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Changing Antibiotic Prescribing in a Primary Care Network: The Role of Readiness to Change and Group Dynamics in Success
American College of Medical Quality| June 2017

Suratha Elango, MD, MSHP; Julia E. Szymczak, PhD; Ian M. Bennett, MD, PhD; Rinad Beidas, PhD; Rachel M. Werner, MD, PhD
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