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Med u tools for maintaining/refreshing clinical problem skills

An outstanding resource that is available to help you maintain or refresh your clinical problem solving skills is virtual patient cases available through MedU. MedU houses virtual patient cases that cover the core curricula of Internal Medicine (SIMPLE), Pediatrics (CLIPP), Family Medicine (fm CASES), and Surgery (WISE-MD).

You can access all of these programs by going to You can login if you already have a username and password. Or you can register as a first time user.

In each of these cases, you will work through the history, physical exam, differential and management plan of a virtual patient. Each case teaches key content but also helps to develop skills in clinical reasoning and problem solving. There are exercises that allow you to practice writing summary statements and prioritizing a differential.

Going back to review cases from clerkships you did prior to your PhD can help you refresh knowledge. You can also work through cases that are relevant to upcoming rotations. Each case has a one line title that previews the case content. For Internal Medicine, I would consider focusing on cases that address common presenting symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, abdominal pain, hypertension, anemia, altered mental status, etc.