medical scientist training program

program Goals

Our Mission

The mission of Penn's MSTP program is to prepare our students for careers as physician-investigators engaged in basic, disease-oriented and translational biomedical research designed to discover new knowledge and apply it for the betterment of mankind. We've accomplished that goal over the past 36 years through the development of a well-integrated training program that combines the best medical training with outstanding graduate training leading to PhDs in traditional areas of biomedical laboratory research as well as in biomedical engineering, health care economics, sociology, and history of science. Rather than producing confused graduates with two degrees and conflicting career options, our goal is to help our students fuse the different parts of their training together in ways that will bring a physician's perspective to the choices that they make as investigators.

How do we do it?   Five features of the MSTP program at Penn

  • Training: Help you learn the skills needed to be an outrageously successful physician-investigator.
  • Faculty access:   Help you take optimal advantage of the huge depth and breadth of research opportunities at Penn.
  • Integration:   Make Med School and Grad School work together for you.
  • Guidance:   Provide the advice, role models and mentoring that will help you prepare your future career.
  • Community:   Build a community to share the inevitable ups and downs along the way.

How have our graduates done?

At the moment there are approximately 180 students enrolled in the Penn MSTP program. Our large circle of alumni includes more than 450 graduates who have completed the program since 1969. To find out more about their careers and accomplishments, click here.