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Most, but not all, of our graduates go on to do residencies.   Those who do choose additional clinical training do extremely well, typically matching at their top choice programs in outstanding academic medical centers. (See the recent match lists below).

While residency is the most common next step for most of our graduates, doing a residency should not be an automatic decision. Choosing to spend 3-5 (or more) years in further clinical training can be the right choice if you will be doing patient-oriented research or will be working in an environment where you will have clinical responsibilities, but for some a postdoc without additional clinical training may be a better choice.

Match List 2014

 Student  Field  Institution
Maria (Ciocca) Basil
medicine Harvard (Brigham & Women’s)
Sydney Brown anesthesiology Penn (HUP)
Emily Charlson ophthalmology UC Irvine
Dania Daye radiology Harvard (MGH)
Stephan Kadauke pathology Harvard (MGH)
Jake Lazarus medicine Harvard (MGH)
Eric Lee orthopaedic surgery U Michigan
Rebecca May pathology Penn (HUP)
Armen Moughamian neurology UCSF
Karen Ocwieja pediatrics Penn (CHOP)
Grace (Lin) Paley ophthalmology Wash U
Michael Paley medicine Wash U
Whitney Parker neurosurgery Cornell
Greg Peterfreund anesthesiology Harvard (MGH)
Alanna Strong pediatrics St. Christopher’s
Pat Ward medicine Harvard (MGH)
Waihay Wong pathology Harvard (Brigham & Women’s)
Jie Xu psychiatry UTSW


Match List 2013

 Student  Field  Institution
Bobby Basu pathology Harvard (Brigham & Women’s)
Scott Bresler pathology Harvard (Brigham & Women’s)
Sam Crayton radiology Penn (HUP)
Ana Cristancho peds neuro Penn (CHOP)
Stephanie Cross psychiatry Penn (HUP)
Andy Edmondson peds genetics Penn (CHOP)
Michael Gandal psychiatry UCLA
Scott Gordon pediatrics Penn (CHOP)
David Hill pediatrics Penn (CHOP)
Eugene Khandros pediatrics Columbia
Cynthia Khoo anesthesiology Stanford
Michelle Kim urology Harvard (MGH)
Matt LeBoeuf dermatology Penn (HUP)
Andrew Lippa pediatrics Wash U
Amar Majmundar pediatrics Harvard (Boston Children’s)
Abby Olsen neurology Harvard (Brigham & Women’s/MGH)
David Pilkinton radiology UT Southwestern
David Schoppy otolaryngology Stanford
Nikhil Singh medicine Yale
Brittany Weber medicine Harvard (Brigham & Women’s)
Craig Wilen pathology Wash U
Natalie Wolkow ophthalmology Harvard (Mass Eye & Ear)
Tao Zou medicine Harvard (MGH)

Match List 2012

 Student  Field  Institution
Tony Chi pathology Harvard (MGH)
Terry Dean pediatrics Penn (CHOP)
Marcus Goncalves internal medicine Cornell
Karla Leavens pediatrics Pitt
Hojun Li pediatrics Harvard (Boston Children’s)
David Moore psychiatry Yale
MacLean Nasrallah pathology Penn (HUP)
Renuka Nayak internal medicine UCSF
Marta Rowh emergency medicine Temple
Alec Schmaier internal medicine Penn (HUP)
Trey Schroeder radiology Harvard (MGH)
Niraj Shanbhag neurology UCSF
Colette Shen radiation oncology Johns Hopkins
Dan Zlotoff internal medicine Penn (HUP)

Match List 2011

 Student  Field  Institution
Defne Amado neurology Penn (HUP)
Larry Bish medicine Penn (HUP)
Alex Chavez pathology Harvard (MGH)
Chiu-yu Chen pediatrics U Washington
Priya Dedhia surgery U Michigan
Kristine Fortin McWilliams neurology U Michigan
Josh Gruber medicine Stanford
Martina Lefterova pathology Stanford
Brett McCray neurology Harvard (MGH and Brigham & Women’s)
Eric Mellon radiation oncology U South Florida (Moffitt Cancer Center)
Ksenia Orlova radiology Penn (HUP)
Anil Panigrahi anesthesiology Stanford
Kunal Patel medicine Harvard (Brigham & Women’s)
Shetal Patel medicine Harvard (Brigham & Women’s)
Alexei Polishchuk radiation oncology UCSF
Uma Sachdeva ophthalmology Johns Hopkins (Wilmer)
Anup Sharma psychiatry Penn (HUP)
Amy Tsou pediatrics Harvard (Boston Children's)
David Wise medicine Cornell (New York Presbyterian)

Match List 2010

 Student  Field  Institution
Eric Allenspach pediatrics U Washington
Matt Bevers neurology Harvard (Mass General - Brigham & Women's)
Elise Carpenter family medicine Lawrence Family Health Center
Sarah Choi pathology Penn (HUP)
Matt Culyba internal medicine Penn (HUP)
Stephanie Eucker emergency medicine U Virginia
Marie Guerraty internal medicine Penn (HUP)
Ali Harrist pediatrics Harvard (Boston Children's)
Ben Kleaveland pathology Harvard (Mass General)
Andy McClelland radiology Albert Einstein (Montefiore, NY)
Meredith Miller anesthesiology Duke
Jennifer Oliver-Krasinski pathology Columbia
Jenn Orthman Murphy neurology Penn (HUP)
Vikram Palanivel internal medicine Cornell
Mira Sachdeva ophthalmology Johns Hopkins (Wilmer)
Simone Stalling dermatology U Pittsburgh
Le-Ben Wan psychiatry Mt. Sinai (NY)
Jason Watts internal medicine Duke

Match List 2009

 Student  Field  Institution
Tina Franklin-Dumont obstetrics & gynecology Temple
Pallavi Gopal pathology Penn (HUP)
John Gordan internal medicine UCSF
Tamar Gur psychiatry Penn (HUP)
Dexter Hadley surgery (prelim) Penn (HUP)
Frances High pediatrics Harvard (Boston Children's)
Andy Intlekofer internal medicine Cornell
Matt Kayser psychiatry Penn (HUP)
Doug Lin pathology Harvard (Brigham & Women's)
Matt Scharf neurology Penn (HUP)
Neel Singhal neurology UCSF
Andrew Trister radiation oncology U Washington
Jing (Wang) Hughes internal medicine Yale

Match List 2008

 Student  Field  Institution
Andrew Avarbock dermatology NYP Hospital - Columbia
Dasha Babushok internal medicine Harvard (MGH)
Mike Buckstein radiation oncology Mt. Sinai
Peter Ghoroghchian internal medicine Harvard (Brigham & Women's)
Marcin Imielinski pathology Harvard (MGH)
Joanne Jang radiation oncology Harvard (Brigham & Women's)
Melissa Middleton emergency medicine UCLA
John Northrop psychiatry Penn (HUP)
Evan Ray internal medicine Penn (HUP)
Ben Schwarz pathology Harvard (MGH)

Match List 2007

 Student  Field  Institution
Farhad Abtahian internal medicine Harvard (Brigham & Women's)
Colin Blakely internal medicine Penn (HUP)
Maria Chen neurology Penn (HUP)
Gina Clemens pediatrics UCSF
Brooke Cunningham internal medicine Duke
Laila Dadvand opthalmology SUNY Stony Brook
Jessica Dworet anesthesia Penn (HUP)
Evan Farkash pathology Harvard (Mass General)
Steve Gibson anesthesia Johns Hopkins
Ellen Krasik pathology UCSF
Thomas Kreibich neurology Penn (HUP)
Phil Le ophthalmology USC
Marc Meulener dermatology St. Luke's Roosevelt - NY
Ryan Moore orthopaedic surgery Penn (HUP)
Kim Noble pediatrics Columbia
Ben Olenchock internal medicine Harvard (Brigham & Women's)
Chelsea Pinnix radiation oncology MD Anderson
Deepak Sampathu radiology Penn (HUP)
Bob Schnepp pediatrics Penn (CHOP)
Mike Silverman pediatrics Harvard (Boston Children's)
Alison (Hall) Skalet ophthalmology UCSF

Bhaskar Srivastava

dermatology Yale
Joel Stein radiology Penn (HUP)
Tessa Sundaram radiology Penn (HUP)
Lare Wine Lee pediatrics Penn (CHOP)

Match List 2006

 Student  Field  Institution
Dan Bauer pediatrics Harvard (Boston Children's)
Rob Boxer internal medicine Harvard (Brigham & Women's)
Emily Chu dermatology Penn (HUP)
Patty Chui surgery Harvard (Brigham & Women's)
Adam Crystal neurology Harvard (Brigham & Women's - Mass General)
Kevin Du radiation oncology Penn (HUP)
Sarina (Berger) Elmariah dermatology NYU
Ryan Fortna pathology Penn (HUP)
Paul Hahn ophthamology Penn (Scheie)
Peter Hammerman internal medicine Harvard (MGH)
Darren Hess surgery Univ. of Washington
Kuang Jen pathology UCSF
Marina Kremyanskaya internal medicine Mt. Sinai
Kenneth Lee surgery Penn (HUP)
Jason Liu radiology Temple
Shannon Maude pediatrics Penn (CHOP)
Marcela Maus '05 internal medicine Penn (HUP)
Leisha Nolen pediatrics Harvard (Boston Children's)
Jessica Panzer pediatric neurology Penn (CHOP)
Tracy (Golembe) Polsky pathology Penn (HUP)
Alison (Hall) Skalet pediatrics Penn (CHOP) - one year: plans to apply for opthalmology next year
Andrew Taylor radiology UCSF
Natalie Terry pediatrics Penn (CHOP)
Ken Wang psychiatry Univ. of Washington
Ed Weinstein internal medicine Penn (HUP)
Jen Wu pediatrics Penn (CHOP)

Match List 2005

 Student  Field  Institution
Jennifer Baccon pathology Penn
Ron Banerjee medicine Stanford
Orr Barak dermatology Boston Univ
Mitch Berger ob/gyn Michigan
Pat Brennan medicine Harvard (Brigham & Women's)
Brook Brouha dermatology UCSD
Tim Burns medicine Johns Hopkins
Michael Chattergoon medicine Penn
Julie Fitzgerald pediatrics Penn (CHOP)
Eddie Lee pathology Penn
Melissa Lerman pediatrics Penn (CHOP)
Susan Moody medicine Harvard (Brigham & Women's)
Ilya Nasrallah radiology Penn
Sally Newbrough medicine Yale
J. Niels Rosenquist psychiatry Harvard (MGH)
Chris Watt pathology Penn
Gerald Wertheim pathology Penn

Match List 2004

 Student  Field  Institution
 Pavan Auluck  pathology  Harvard (MGH)
 P. Dayand Borge  pathology  Jefferson
 Jeff Dvorin  pediatrics  Penn (CHOP)
 Ari Goldberg  radiology  Penn
 Marian Harris  pathology  Harvard (Brigham & Women's)
 Gena Heidary  ophthalmology  Harvard (Mass Eye & Ear)
 Dan Moore  pediatrics  Vanderbilt
 Alan Mullen  medicine  Harvard (MGH)
 Thao Nguyen  medicine  Johns Hopkins
 Ivona Percec  plastic surgery  Penn
 Raga Ramachandran  pathology  UCSF
 Henry Su  radiology  Harvard (MGH)
 Oana Tomescu  medicine  Penn
 Jason Wertheim  surgery  Harvard (MGH)