medical scientist training program

Topics in Molecular Medicine

CAMB 542

This is a course designed for and taken by all first year MD-PhD students.

Faculty organizers:

  • Mark Kahn, MD - Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of Cardiology
  • Rebecca Wells, MD - Assistant Professor of Medicine & Pathology
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Course Description

TiMM is a once-weekly seminar course designed with the goal of highlighting the ways in which biomedical research can provide new insights into clinical medicine and, conversely, how knowledge of clinical disease impacts scientific discovery.

Each week, a different physician-scientist from the Penn faculty serves as the consultant for the course, and the students are assigned one or two papers from the scientific literature.   Two students are assigned to present, and they meet with the faculty expert in advance to prepare for the presentation.   One of the assigned students will briefly present the clinical aspects of the problem and the second student will present the scientific papers. A list of topics and articles will be given out on the first day of the course.   Typically, each student does two presentations during the course, one on clinical aspects and one on scientific aspects.

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