NEMS Frequently Asked Questions

The NEMS training team has answered several questions about NEMS workshops, NEMS Online, travel scholarships, and much more. Click on a question below to review the answers. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact a NEMS staff member for assistance.

Q: How much do the in-person workshops cost?
A: The cost of a workshop will vary depending on your organization's need.  You will need to pay for all travel expenses and about $300 per day per trainer.  We usually like to have at least 2 trainers at a workshop.  Please see the Online Trainings and In-Person Training for more information

Q: How much does the online workshop cost?

A: If you would like to have a group take the online training as a cohort, tailoring the training and having some conference call with NEMS staff, the cost is $300.  If you are interested in taking the online course as an individual, it is free.

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Q: What is NEMS Online?
A: NEMS Online is an online version of the NEMS Basics Workshop. NEMS Online provides the same training opportunity as the in-person training without the travel. It makes the workshop available for those who would otherwise not be able to receive NEMS training.

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Q: When is the next NEMS workshop?
A: Our funding to host trainings has ended; however, if your organization is interested in a NEMS training, our trainers are still available to come to your community. Please see information on In-Person Training and Online Training for a description of the trainings. For more information about requesting a NEMS training at your location, email

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