In-Person Trainings

In person trainingOur funding to host trainings has ended; however, if your organization is interested in a NEMS training, our trainers are still available to come to your community. We will tailor the agenda to meet your group's needs. A group can request to be trained just on NEMS-S or NEMS-R (one day), both NEMS-S and NEMS-R (2 days) or train-the trainer (2.5 days).

Costs would include the following:

Additional responsibilities would include:

Local NEMS Trainers

If we cannot accommodate your training request or if the costs exceed your organization's budget, we can put you in contact with a locally NEMS trained person, if there is one in your area that you may be able to contact for a training. The national staff is always willing to provide local trainers with training support as needed.