The NEMS Tools

The NEMS Tools are observational measures to assess the community and consumer nutrition environments in food outlets, specifically stores, corner stores and restaurants. The measures focus on availability of healthful choices, prices and quality.

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NEMS Restaurant Measures (NEMS-R)

Assessments of nutrition environments at restaurants focus on eight types of food indicators: healthy main dish choices (low-fat, low-calorie, healthy main dish options), availability of fruits and vegetables without added sauce, whole grain bread and baked chips, beverages, children's menus, signage and promotions, facilitators and barriers to healthy eating, pricing, and accessibility. If you would like to learn more about NEMS-R, please read the publication, “Nutrition Environment Measures Study in Restaurants (NEMS-R): Development and evaluation. "

Detailed instructions and a copy of the restaurant measures can be accessed by clicking on this link: NEMS-R survey and instructions.  There were changes made after publication.

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NEMS Store Measures (NEMS-S) Produce photo

There are 11 measures of store nutrition environments which assess the availability and pricing differences between healthier and less-healthy options: milk, fresh fruits and vegetables, ground beef, hot dogs, frozen dinners, baked goods, beverages (soda/juice), whole grain bread, baked chips, and cereal. If you would like to learn more about NEMS-S, please read the publication, "Nutrition Environment Measures Survey in Stores (NEMS-S): Development and evaluation."

Detailed instructions and a copy of the store measures can be accessed by clicking on this link: NEMS-S survey and instructions.

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NEMS Corner Store Measures (NEMS-CS)

The NEMS Corner Store survey assesses the nutrition environments, specifically in corner stores. While similar to NEMS-S, NEMS-CS also measures canned and frozen fruits and vegetables as well as additional snack and beverage items commonly found in corner stores. To see a table of the differences between the NEMS-CS and the NEMS-S tools, please click here. If you would like to learn more about NEMS-CS, please read the recently published article, “Nutrition Environments in Corner Stores in Philadelphia.”

Detailed instructions and a copy of the corner store measures can be accessed by clicking on the links:

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NEMS Vending Tool (NEMS-V)


The NEMS-Vending assessment tool assesses the availability of healthier food and beverage options in vending machines. On the NEMS-V website,, you'll find a tutorial on how to use the tool, the healthy choices calculator and tips on how to take action to add some healthier options if needed. Information on development of the tool can be found in the publication, “Nutrition Environment Measures Survey-Vending: Development, Dissemination, and Reliability”. Dr. Glanz and staff consulted on its development.

Please go to webinars section to learn more about NEMS-V and the interesting work of Carol Voss and Susan Klein!

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NEMS-P (coming soon)

Dr. Glanz and staff have developed a survey on the perceived nutrition environment (NEMS-P). Unlike other NEMS tools, NEMS-P is not an observational measure - it is an instrument to evaluate the perceived nutrition environment. Survey items cover the following constructs: community nutrition environment, consumer nutrition environment, home food environment, food shopping behaviors, eating behaviors, and background characteristics.

Publications are in progress and more information will be available soon.

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