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Journal Club meets Mondays from 3pm-4:30pm in Barchi Library.

Co-directors: Kacy Cullen, Ph.D ( and Sandra Maday., Ph.D. (

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Note: Each presentation will be on the research papers related to thats week's MINS Seminar on Wednesday.

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September 28, 2016
Dr. Chenghua Gu, Harvard University
"Molecular mechanisms governing the formation and function of the blood-brain barrier"

Sandra Maday/Wenqin Luo

Neuronal and Vascular Interactions

Mfsd2a is critical for the formation and function of the blood-brain barrier

Sensory-Related Neural Activity Regulates the Structure of Vascular Networks in the Cerebral Cortex


October 5, 2016
Dr. Joshua Berke,
UC San Francisco*
*Dr. Berke has cancelled his Seminar but presentations will be made based on papers selected from his research.

Kacy Cullen

Canceling actions involves a race between basal ganglia pathways

Mesolimbic dopamine signals the value of work


October 12, 2016
Dr. David Sulzer, Columbia University
The Dopamine Synapse

Mentor: John Dani

Voluntary adolescent drinking enhances excitation by low levels of alcohol in a subset of dopaminergic neurons in the ventral tegmental area

Fluorescent false neurotransmitter reveals functionally silent dopamine vesicle clusters in the striatum

Striatal dopamine neurotransmission: Regulation of release and uptake


October 17, 2016
"Functional Connectivity"

Mentor: Kacy Cullen

Intrinsic and Task-Evoked Network Architectures of the Human Brain

Higher Intelligence Is Associated with Less Task-Related Brain Network Reconfiguration

Opportunities and limitations of intrinsic functional connectivity MRI

From Brain Maps to Cognitive Ontologies: Informatics and the Search for Mental Structure


October 24, 2016
"A Nobel for Autophagy"

Mentor: Sandra Maday

Loss of mTOR-Dependent Macroautophagy Causes Autistic-like Synaptic Pruning Deficits

Endolysosomal Deficits Augment Mitochondria Pathology in Spinal Motor Neurons of Asymptomatic fALS Mice


November 2, 2016
Dr. Florian Engert, Harvard University
"The Structure of larval zebrafish behavior a quantitative analysis"

Mentor: Michael Granato

The Big Data Problem: Turning Maps into Knowledge

Brain-wide mapping of neural activity controlling zebrafish exploratory locomotion


November 7, 2016
"Phase Transitions in Neurodegenerative Disease"

Mentor: Sandy Maday

A Liquid-to-Solid Phase Transition of the ALS Protein FUS Accelerated by Disease Mutation

ALS/FTD Mutation-Induced Phase Transition of FUS Liquid Droplets and Reversible Hydrogels into Irreversible Hydrogels Impairs RNP Granule Function


November 14, 2016
"Synucleinopathy: Transmission, Synaptic Dysfunction, and Neurodegeneration"

Kacy Cullen

Paper 1 (Osterberg)
Paper 2 (Volpicelli-Daley)


November 21, 2016
"Glia in Synapse Elimination"

Mentor: Sandy Maday

Astrocytes mediate synapse elimination through MEGF10 and MERTK pathways

Complement and microglia mediate early synapse loss in Alzheimer mouse models


November 30, 2016
Dr. Robert Gereau, Washington University

Mentor:Wenqin Luo

Spotlight on pain: optogenetic approaches for interrogating somatosensory circuits

Soft, stretchable, fully implantable miniaturized optoelectronic systems for wireless optogenetics

Spatiotemporal Control of Opioid Signaling and Behavior


December 7, 2016
Dr. Jeff Nye,
Johnson & Johnson Innovation Center

An epigenetic blockade of cognitive functions in the neurodegenerating brain

Epigenetic Priming of Memory Updating during Reconsolidation to Attenuate Remote Fear Memories


December 14, 2016
Dr. Marcelo Wood,
UC Irvine

The neuron-specific chromatin regulatory subunit BAF53b is necessary for synaptic plasticity and memory

Neuron-specific chromatin remodeling: A missing link in epigenetic mechanisms underlying synaptic plasticity, memory, and intellectual disability disorders

BDNF rescues BAF53b-dependent synaptic plasticity and cocaine-associated memory in the nucleus accumbens