Neuroscience Graduate Group

MINS Seminar Series


Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 Neuroscience Colloquium Series

presented by


The Behavioral Neuroscience Training Grant
The Systems & Integrative Biology Training Grant

Unless otherwise indicated, seminars are held
every Wednesday from 4 – 5 pm in Barchi Library (140 John Morgan building)

First-year NGG students: Journal Club papers are listed here




Sep 18

John Dani, PhD

Perelman School of Medicine

Dopaminergic Mechanisms Contributing to the Nicotine Addiction Process

Sep 25

Laurence Trussell, PhD

Oregon Science and Health University

Synaptic Signaling by Gap Junctions in the Auditory System

Oct 3

41st Louis B. Flexner Lecture
Antonello Bonci, MD

National Institute on Drug Abuse

Synaptic and Optogenetic Approaches to Elucidate Substance Use Disorders

Oct 9

David Perkel, PhD

University of Washington (Seattle)

Cellular Aspects of Vocal Learning in Songbirds

Oct 16

David Lewis, MD

University of Pittsburgh

A Neural Circuitry Basis for Impaired Cortical Network Oscillations and Cognitive Dysfunction in Schizophrenia

Oct 23

Gary Landreth, PhD

Case Western Reserve University

Nuclear Receptors as Therapeutic
Targets in Alzheimer’s Disease

Oct 30

Scott Russo, PhD

Mount Sinai, SOM

Mechanisms of Susceptibility or Resilience in Stress Related Disorders

Nov 6

Frances Jensen, MD, FACP

Perelman School of Medicine

Altered Synaptic Plasticity and Signaling as a Consequence of Early Life Epilepsy

Nov 20

Eva Redei, PhD

Northwestern University

Developing Blood Transcriptomic Markers for Major Depression

Dec 4

Yavin Shaham, PhD

National Institute on Drug Abuse

Context-induced Relapse to Drug Seeking:
Behavioral and Neuronal Mechanisms

Jan 29

Allan Basbaum, PhD


Transplant-mediated Repair of Spinal Cord GABAergic Circuitry to Treat Chronic Pain

Feb 5

Miriam Goodman

Stanford University

Touch Sensation as a matter of Fat, Protein, and Mechanisms

Feb 12

Marina Picciotto, PhD


Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors: Distinct Roles in Circuits Mediating Feeding Behavior and Mood

Feb 19

Xinzhong Dong, PhD

Johns Hopkins

Itch and Pain Mechanisms

Feb 26

Nancy Kanwisher, PhD


A Parts List for the Human Brain

Mar 5

Marcelo Wood, Phd

University of CA (Irvine)

The Role of Nucleosome Remodeling in Memory and Intellectual Disability Disorders

Mar 12

Leon Avery

Virginia Commonwealth University

Peptide Hormone Regulation of Feeding in C Elegans

Mar 19

Vivian Budnik

University of Massachusetts Med Sch

From Viruses to Local Translation at Synaptic Sites

Mar 26

Ana Maria Cuervo

Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Selective Autophagy: Cleaning Neurons One
Protein at a time

Apr 9

Marina Wolf

Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Sci

Targeting mGluR1 to Reverse Cocaine-Induced Plasticity and Suppress Craving

Apr 16

Elizabeth Buffalo

Emory University

Neural Signals for Memory and Space in the Primate Hippocampal Formation
Apr 30

Fu-Ming Zhou

Univ. of Tennessee

Dopamine, Ion Channels, Basal Ganglia and Parkinson’s Disease

May 7

Zhigang He

Harvard University

Towards Rebuilding Neuronal Circuits After Injury