Neuroscience Graduate Group

Mechanisms of Neuronal Recovery and Regeneration - INSC 600-003

T/R 10:30am to noon; 2nd half of Spring 2009

Module Overview

A bench-to-bedside presentation of the mechanisms, methodologies, clinical applications, and future directions for restoring function of the acutely damaged nervous system.

Module Goals

Most sessions will discuss: a) mechanisms of injury; b) targets for therapy and past clinical trials; c) development of future treatments via new clinical trials.

Assigned Readings

Papers from the primary literature will be assigned weekly and be presented by teams of students during the Friday course sessions. There will be no lecture on these days. Students will read the background readings and generate questions to be used during the in-class discussion.

Viewing the Lectures from 2009

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From a Mac: download - just once - a copy of silverlight.

Lectures - Spring 2009

Topic Speaker Date Video/Slide Presentation
- - Mar 10 Video/Slides
- - Mar 17 Video/Slides
Gene Therapy in the CNS John Wolfe, PhD Mar 24 Video/Slides
TBI is a progressive neurodegenerative condition Douglas Smith, PhD Mar 31 Video/Slides
Stem Cells Deborah Watson, PhD Apr 7 Video/Slides
How does a broken PNS mend itself? Toby Ferguson, MD, PhD Apr 14 Video/Slides
Adult Neurogenesis Doug Coulter Apr 21 Video/Slides

Viewing the Lectures from 2007

You will need RealPlayer to view the videos. Make sure to click "Free Download."

Lectures - Spring 2007

Date Topic-Lecturer Real
28-Feb Overview-Selzer/Welsh/Neumar link to video link to slides
7-Mar CNS remodelling-Raper link to video link to slides
14-Mar Adult neurogenesis-Coulter link to video link to slides
21-Mar Pheripheral nerve injury-Scherer link to video link to slides
28-Mar Stem cells-Watson link to video link to slides
4-Apr Spinal cord repair-Selzer link to video link to slides
11-Apr Gene therapy-Wolfe link to video link to slides