Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Occupational & Environmental Medicine


Clinic Founded: 1996
Penn Tower, 4th Floor
1 Convention Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Director of Operations: Kristina Patterson, Clinical Care Associates

Clinic Description

The clinic is located at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP) in center city Philadelphia.  The Occupational Medicine Division at HUP offers comprehensive occupational and environmental health care.  There is an affiliated Occupational and Environmental Clinic at Penn Medicine at Radnor which is approximately 15 miles West of downtown.

Most Common Diagnoses Seen at Clinic

Occupational Diagnoses:
carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, blood-borne pathogen exposure, contact dermatitis, occupational asthma, neurotoxicity.

Environmental Diagnoses:
exposures to toxic metals, pesticide exposure, chemical exposures, environmentally induced asthma.

General Services Provided

Diagnosis and treatment of occupationally-related diseases

Diagnosis and treatment of environmentally-related diseases

Preplacement physical examinations

OSHA-mandated examinations

Medical surveillance

Independent medical examinations

Disability examinations

Industrial hygiene evaluations

Medical Review Officer services

Expert witness testimony

Medical-legal evaluations

Impairment Ratings

Specialized Service

Audiometric Testing


Ergonomic Evaluations

Non-Routine Tests

Patch Testing

Specialized Toxicology
Laboratory Tests

Neuropsychological Testing

Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy

Fat aspiration/biopsy for
fat-soluble pollutants

Testing for Beryllium Disease and Beryllium Sensitization

Rheumatologist for
musculoskeletal disease


Staff by Discipline and/or Name


Judith McKenzie, MD/MPH, Physician/Occupational & Environmental Medicine/Epidemiology

Amy Behrman, MD, Physician/Internal & Occupational Medicine/Emergency Medicine

David Allan, MD PhD, Physician/Rheumatology

Consulting Industrial Hygienists:
Neil B. Jurinski, PhD, C.I.H.  Industrial Hygiene
Darien Group     Industrial Hygiene/Safety
Nu Chem Co     Industrial Hygiene/Safety

Social Worker
Elizabeth Sheldon

Nurse Practitioners: 4

Nurse Case Managers: 2

Association of Occupational and Environmetal Health Clinics Contact:

Edward A. Emmett, MD
FAX 215-662-4430

Training Offered

Physicians, Residents, Medical Students

Areas of Significant Research/Interest

Significant Affiliations

Member, Association of Occupational and Environmental Health Clinics

NIOSH-supported Occupational Medical Residency
NIOSH- Occupational Health Nursing Training Grant and
Johns Hopkins University Educational Resource Center
Monell Center for Research in the Chemical Senses

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