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July 2014

  • Congratulations to...

    • Wei-Ju, Chantal, Mary Beth, and Allison had 5 abstracts accepted to the American Society of Bone and Mineral Research (ASBMR) Annual Meeting in Houston, TX this coming September!

    • Chantal's abstract entitled, "Pregnancy and lactation bone loss cause long-lasting structural deterioration of the maternal skeleton that accumulates over multiple reproductive cycles" for ASBMR was chosen for a Young Investigator Travel Grant and will be honored at the Plenary Poster Session at the Annual Meeting!

    • Chantal was selected as a Fellow for the Endocrine Fellows Foundation, and her abstract will be presented at the EFF meeting in September
    • Chantal's poster entitled, "Maternal Bone Regains Mechanical Competence after Lactation by Increasing the Thickness and Altering the Structure Type of the Remaining Trabeculae" was awarded first place in the Tissue and Cellular Engineering category for the Masters Student Paper Competition at the 7th World Congress of Biomechanics Meeting in Boston, MA
    • Sherry received a Young Investigator Award to attend the AAOS/CORR/ORS/CMH-UCD Musculoskeletal Sex Differences Throughout the Lifespan (SD) Research Symposium in Rosemont, IL
  • Welcome to...

    • Undergraduate student Sarah Akintoye!

June 2014

  • Congratulations to...

    • Allison's poster entitled, "Enhanced Individual Trabecular Repair and Its Mechanical Implications in PTH and Alendronate Treated Rat Tibial Bone" was awarded Best Poster on Orthopaedic Research Day

    • Abhishek, Talon, Mary Beth, Allison, and Wei-Ju on the acceptance of their paper entitled, " PTH1-34 Alleviates Radiotherapy-induced Local Bone Loss by Improving Osteoblast and Osteocyte Survival" to Bone

May 2014

  • Welcome to...

    • Undergraduate student Laurel Leavitt!

April 2014

  • Congratulations to...

    • Chantal on receiving the prestigious National Science Foundation's Graduate Student Fellowship!

    • Allison attended North Carolina State University through the Building Future Faculty Program and presented her research with the Biomedical Engineering Department.

    • Sherry attended the Advances in Mineral Metabolism meeting in Snowmass, CO. She was invited to give a talk entitled "3D In Vivo Bone Dynamic Imaging for Studying PTH-Induced Bone Modeling."

March 2014

  • Congratulations to...

    • Chantal on winning the International Chinese Musculoskeletal Research Conference's Young Investigator Award!
    • The lab will receive pilot funding from UPenn's Institute on Aging to study intermittent parathyroid hormone-induced modeling-based formation!

    • Wei-Ju, Chantal, Allison, and Sherry attended the Annual Meeting of the Orthopaedic Research Society in New Orleans, LA and presented 8 poster presentations and 1 podium presentation.

  • Best of luck to...

    • Mary Beth as she begins a new position at Biomet as a Development Engineer!

February 2014

  • Congratulations to...

    • The lab will receive funding from the National Institute of Health to study lactation related bone recovery through an R03 grant titled, "Bone structure and strength recovery and the role of PTHrP post lactation"!

    • Wei-Ju was accepted into the UPenn Mechanical Engineering PhD program! He will be working on his doctorate project to understand the local mechanical regulation of modeling-based bone formation part time.

    • Allison was admitted into the Building Future Faculty Program hosted by NC State University. This prestigious program is a 2-day all-expense paid workshop to prepare participants for an academic career .

  • Welcome to...

January 2014

December 2013

November 2013

  • Congratulations to...

    • Chantal won first place in the Histology category and Allison won second place in the Imaging category at the 2013 Penn Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders Annual Symposium poster competition.

    • Our group had 8 abstracts accepted to the Orthopaedic Research Society Annual Meeting in March 2014!

    • Allison’s abstract ”Enhanced individual trabecular repair and its mechanical implications in PTH and alendronate treated rat tibial bone” was recognized as a finalist for the New Investigator Recognition Award at 2014 ORS.

October 2013

  • Sherry Liu, Chantal de Bakker, Wei-Ju Tseng, and Allison Altman attended the American Society of Bone and Mineral Research (ASBMR) Annual Meeting in Baltimore, MD.

  • Congratulations to...

    • Allison was named an Endocrine Fellow by the Endocrine Fellows Foundation and had the privilege of attending their forum on metabolic bone diseases in Baltimore, MD!

    • At the ASBMR meeting, Allison’s poster “A closer look at the immediate trabecular response to combined parathyroid hormone and alendronate treatment” received the President’s Poster Competition Award for recognition of her exceptional poster presentation!

    • Chantal’s and Allison’s ASBMR abstracts were highlighted by Dr. Ego Seeman in the Osteoporosis in Progress issue on Anabolic Osteoporosis Therapies

July 2013

  • Congratulations to Chantal for passing her qualifying exam!

June 2013

  • Sherry Liu and Wei-Ju Tseng attended ASME Summer Bioengineering Conference, Sunriver OR. Sherry had a podium presentation "3D in vivo dynamic imaging of PTH's anabolic action" and Wei-Ju presented his poster "assessment of the vascular and trabecular microstructures using micro computed tomography, vascular network perfusion, and image registration techniques".
    Wei presentationSherry and Wei

  • Welcome to summer students Carina Lott and Connie Li!

  • Congratulations to...

    • Our lab received a pilot grant from Penn Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders to study "Structure and Strength Recovery in Post-Lactation Bone"!

    • Chantal being selected as an Orthopaedic Bioengineering Predoctoral Fellow in the NIH/NIaMS grant "Training in Musculoskeletal Research"!

May 2013

  • Sherry Liu and Allison Altman attended AAOS/ORS bone quality and fracture prevention research symposium. Sherry was invited to give a lecture on "High-Resolution Peripheral Quatitative CT". Allison received a young investigator award and presented her poster "In vivo bone dynamic imaging of PTH's anabolic effect."

  • Congratulations to...

    • Shenghui Lan, Mimi Luo, Beom Kang Huh, Allison Altman, and Abhishek Chandra for their paper entitled "3D Image registration is critical to ensure accurate detection of longitudinal changes in trabecular bone density, microstructure, and stiffness measurements in rat tibiae by in vivo micro computed tomography (µCT)" accepted for publication in Bone.

    • Beom Kang Huh on his graduation! Best of luck in your new Ph.D journey in Korea! We will miss you so much!
      Beom's Graduation

April 2013

  • Congratulations to Chantal getting NSF fellowship honorable mention.

March 2013

January 2013

  • Congratulations to...

    • Allison had a podium presentation at the Orthopaedic Research Society annual Meeting, San antonio, TX
      Paper-139: a closer look at the immediate trabecular response to combined parathyroid hormone and alendronate treatment

    • Chantal had a podium presentation at the Orthopaedic Research Society annual Meeting, San antonio, TX
      Paper-344: Contrast-Enhanced Computed Tomography for Quantitative assessment of Multiple Stages of Fracture Healing

    • Allison and Wei-Ju presented two posters at the Orthopaedic Research Society annual Meeting, San antonio, TX

      • PS1-1205: 3D image registration is critical to ensure accurate detection of longitudinal changes in bone microstructure and mineral density measurements in rats by in vivo micro computed tomography

      • PS2-1479: age-dependent responses in 3D architectural developmental patterns in the rat tibia to daily parathyroid hormone administration

    • Sherry, Allison, Wei-Ju, and Chantal attended the Orthopaedic Research Society annual Meeting, San antonio, TX

News from 2012

December 2012

September 2012

  • Thanks to Dr. Hyunduck Nah who kindly joined her microCT server into our server cluster. Now the efficiency of image reconstruction and analysis has been increased 50%.

  • Welcome to...

August 2012

  • New MicroCT Imaging Core
    A new microCT imaging core has been set up in Stemmler 511. This core facility consists of an in vivo small animal microCT imaging system (Scanco vivaCT40, Scanco aG, Switzerland), an ultra-high resolution specimen microCT imaging system (Scanco microCT35, Scanco aG, Switzerland), and two HP Integrity rx2660 Servers.
    The core facility is co-directed by Dr. Kurt Hankenson and Dr. Sherry Liu. MicroCT Imaging Core

June 2012

  • Welcome to the New postdoc research scientist Allison Altman!

  • Congratulations to...

    • Sherry Liu for her co-authored paper entitled "Microarchitectural abnormalities are more severe in postmenopausal women with vertebral compared to non-vertebral fractures" accepted for publication in Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.

    • Liu Lab for receiving a McCabe pilot award for the project entitled "Temporal changes in maternal bone remodeling, microarchitecture, and micromechanics during and after lactation".

May 2012

April 2012

  • Welcome to the New research assistant Mimi Luo!

  • Congratulations to Sherry Liu for receiving aSBMR-aIMM John Haddad Young Investigator award at Snowmass Colorado.

March 2012

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