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Shore Laboratory

Haitao Wang, Ph.D.

Haitao Wang Ph.D.

Senior Research Investigator
University of Pennsylvania

Hometown: Hebei, China

Education:Ph.D. Cell Biology, 2002, Peking Union Medical College
M.S. Pathology, 1999, Peking Union Medical College

Areas of Special Interest: Effect of the tissue microenvironment on initiation and progression of heterotopic ossification.

Peer-Reviewed Publications:
H Wang, Brennan TA, Russell E, Kim JH, Egan KP, Chen Q, Israelite C, Schultz DC, Johnson FB, Pignolo RJ. R-Spondin 1 promotes vibration-induced bone formation in mouse models of osteoporosis. J Mol Med (Berl). 2013 Dec;91(12):1421-9.

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Conference Papers and Abstracts:
H Wang, E.M. Shore, F.S. Kaplan, J. Groppe, R.J. Pignolo. Hypoxia Promotes Ligand-independent Activation of the ACVR1 (R206H) Mutant Receptor in C2C12 Cells, ASBMR Annual Meeting; Montreal, Canada, 2008.

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H Wang, Q Chen, SH Lee, Y Choi, B Johnson, R Pignolo. Telomere Dysfunction Mediates Age-Related Impairment of Osteoblast Differentiation, ASBMR Annual Meeting; Denver, Colorado, 2009.