Center for Orphan Disease Research & Therapy

Outside Funding Opportunities

Request for Proposals: National Organization for Rare Disorders Research Grant Program

  • Call for Applications: Alpha-1 Foundation Gordon L. Snider Scholar Award
    Closes: 07/25/2014 Maximum:$225,000
  • National Ataxia Foundation Young Investigator Awards
    Closes: 08/01/2014 Maximum:$50,000
  • Vasculitis Foundation Research Program
    Closes: 08/04/2014 Maximum:$50,000
  • National Ataxia Foundation Pioneer SCA Translational Research Award
    Closes: 08/15/2014 Maximum:$100,000
  • National Ataxia Foundation Research Post-Doc Fellowship Award
    Closes: 08/15/2014 Maximum:$35,000
  • World Federation of Hemophilia Clinical Research Grant Program (New)
    Closes: 08/31/2014 Maximum:$100,000
  • FSH Society Research Grant and Fellowships
    Closes 08/31/2014 Inquire with Funder
  • Amyloidosis Foundation Grant Program
    Closes 08/31/2014 Inquire with Funder
  • A-T Children's Project Grant Program
    Closes 09/1/2014 Maximum: $150,000
  • Children's Tumor Foundation Schwannomatosis Awards (NEW)
    Closes 09/1/2014 Maximum: $75,000
  • Mytonic Dystrophy Foundation Fund-a-Fellow Program
    Closes 09/5/2014 Maximum: $100,000
  • Research Projects on Spinal Muscular Atrophy (New)
    Closes 09/5/2014 Maximum: $150,000
  • Cystic Fibrosis Foundation LeRoy Matthews Physician/Scientist Award
    Closes 09/10/2014 Inquire with Funder
  • Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Harry Shwachman Clinical Investigator Award
    Closes 09/10/2014 Inquire with Funder
  • Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation (New)
    Closes 09/15/2014 Inquire with Funder
  • 2014 Angelman Syndrome Foundation Joseph E. Wagstaff Postdoctoral Fellowship Grant
    Closes:10/01/2014 Maximum:$110,000
  • Prader-Willi Syndrome Association Research Grant Program
    Closes:10/07/2014 Maximum:$75,000
  • Progeria Research Foundation Research Grant Program
    Closes:10/27/2014 Maximum: Inquire with Funder
  • Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation
    Closes:02/01/2015 Maximum:$100,000
  • FRAXA Research Foundation Grants and Fellowships Program
    Closes:02/01/2015 Maximum:$100,000
  • Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome Foundation Research Grant Program
    Closes:03/12/2015 Maximum:$70,000
  • Cornelia de Lange Syndrome Foundation Research Grant Program
    Closes:04/30/2015 Maximum:$20,000

Links to Outside Resources

Outside Events of Interest:

National Organization for Rare Diseases 2014 Annual Conference, October 21-22, Alexandria, VA
Conference web-site:

Website information RE: Scientific Poster Session. .

The deadline for submission for poster abstracts is July 18, 2014.