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Intramural Grant Review Program

A Musculoskeletal Intramural Grant Review Program is being implemented.  This program will enlist a group of volunteer faculty reviewers to provide an internal critique as well as peer review mentoring of extramural grant plans of Research Base investigators prior to submission to an extramural sponsor. Participation in this program will be entirely voluntary, with reviewers selected from faculty who have active grant portfolios and expertise in related disciplines.  Members of our Standing Committees have agreed to participate and make themselves available for this purpose and other senior members of our community can participate as well, as the program grows.  In order to take advantage of this program, an investigator simply e-mails the Center Director with a proposed title and draft abstract of a proposed grant plan (or pre-plan).  The Center Director will recommend an appropriate reviewer(s) and make the initial contact.  In this manner, a mentoring relationship will be established for these individuals.