Roberto Dominguez, PhD

Professor Of Physiology

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728 Clinical Research Building

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Philadelphia, PA 19104


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May 2014

Roberto Dominguez, PhD

The Dominguez lab focuses on understanding the molecular basis for how protein-protein interaction networks bring together signaling, cytoskeleton regulatory, and membrane scaffolding proteins to accomplish specialized functions such as cell motility, cell morphogenesis and intracellular transport. His lab uses a combination of structural biology (x-ray crystallography, SAXS, FRET) and biophysical (ITC, MALS, SAXS, FRET, TIRF) approaches and collaborative cellular studies.

Roberto’s research has been innovative and extraordinarily productive. He publishes regularly in high profile journals, including Science, Nature journals, and PNAS. He is internationally recognized because of his particular ability to link structural and biochemical studies to cellular function, in part by forging local and international collaborations, and because he has been able to place his structural work within the context of larger macromolecular assemblies through collaborations with electron microscopists and spectroscopists.

Roberto is the product of an international training program: a Master’s degree in the former Soviet Union, pre-doctoral training in Cuba, Belgium and Germany, a Ph.D. in France, and a postdoctoral fellowship in the USA. Roberto joined Penn as an Associate Professor of Physiology in 2006. He is now full Professor and is an integral part of the Department of Physiology and the Pennsylvania Muscle Institute (PMI), a world-renowned cytoskeleton and motility research community.

Speaking of motility, you should see him salsa!!

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