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CrashPlan Backup Service


CrashPlan is PMACS' disaster recovery backup solution offered to Perelman School of Medicine departments, centers, and institutes. Once installed, CrashPlan automatically backs up selected data over the network to two servers located in different secure locations on campus. Data is encrypted prior to transmittal over the network, so the process is very secure. There is also an easy web-based interface to restore files. CrashPlan provides a quick data recovery in case of hardware failure or new computer setups.

The Crash Plan solution is superior to Apple's local Time Machine or Windows backup solutions. Events could damage both the computer and local backup hard drive located near each other. External hard drives can easily be stolen if not properly secured.

How Does It Work?

PMACS operates two redundant servers in different locations that maintain all CrashPlan backups. Client computers communicate to these servers via installed software. Users can have the CrashPlan service back up their desktops and/or laptops. When necessary, users can restore all or select files via the installed software or via the web-based interface.


CrashPlan encrypts data both at rest (256-bit AES) and in transit. This combination of encryption makes data backed up with PMACS CrashPlan compliant with HIPAA standards.


  • A variety of operating systems are supported (i.e. Mac, Windows, Linux).
  • It is easy for users to navigate the CrashPlan client and manage their backups or restore files.
  • Users may even use any web browser from internet-capable computers to restore files.
  • CrashPlan is a cheaper backup solution compared to previous solutions.
  • Start up and annual costs are very modest.
  • All backups are fully encrypted during the backup process making CrashPlan a secure and HIPAA-compliant option.


CrashPlan Pricing consists of three parts:

  • A one-time set up fee.
  • An annual maintenance fee, which covers the cost of the software maintenance. (This fee is due at the beginning along with the startup fee.)
  • A monthly fee per GB used to cover the remaining costs of providing the service. The GB monthly fee will be adjusted each year.
Fee FY15 FY16 FY17
One-time setup $43.50 $43.50 $43.50
Annual Maintenance $9.00 $9.00 $9.00
Usage per GB/per mo $.30 $.20 $.15

[Read more about CrashPlan.]

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