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PennKey Support for CHOP Affiliates

Obtaining and Renewing a PennKey

CHOP affiliates who wish to access PennKey protected electronic resources must contact the appropriate sponsor for that resource and fill out a PennKey request form.

Completed and signed PennKey requests forms may be faxed to us at 215-573-7645 or mailed to the following address:

University of Pennsylvania
Penn Medicine Academic Computing Services (PMACS)
3620 Hamilton Walk
Suite 410 Anatomy/Chemistry Building
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6110

Below is a list of Penn resources, sponsor information, and their request form

Library Access

CHOP affiliates who wish to obtain a PennKey for access to electronic library resources must contact the CHOP Office of Human Resources, 267-426-6562, to arrange sponsorship.

Resetting a Forgotten PennKey Password

For more information, email or submit a ticket.

Penn Medicine Academic Computing Services (PMACS) at the Perelman School of Medicine

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