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Data Backups and Restoration

The Zimbra email servers are backed up at least once per day. Backups of the Zimbra server are kept for approximately 14 days. All data is mirrored off-site on a server that will become operational if the main Zimbra server experiences problems for any reason.

You are responsible for backing up all Zimbra email data stored locally on your machine. For assistance with local data backups please contact your Local Support Provider.

Data restorations for individual Zimbra email accounts are available for a $50 fee. To a request data restoration please contact your Local Support Provider. The following information is required to process a data restoration request:

  • Your Zimbra email account name
  • The exact name and location of the messages or folders that were deleted
  • The last time and date that the message or folder was present in the account
  • A 26 digit non-grant funded budget code to cover the $50 cost of this service

For more information, email or submit a ticket.

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