Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Directions to PMACS


3620 Hamilton Walk
Suite 410 Anatomy/Chemistry Building
Philadelphia, PA 19104–6110
(215) 573–9185

On-campus Walking Directions

From 36th and Spruce Street:

  • Proceed south, with HUP to your left, down the 36th Street walkway.
  • Turn right at the "T" intersection onto Hamilton Walk.
  • About 50 meters down the Walk turn left into the Johnson Pavilion, a small lobby between the Johnson and John Morgan buildings.
  • Inform the clerk at the Security Desk of your appointment with PMACS in Anatomy-Chemistry. The security officer can call (215) 573-5994 or (215) 573-9185 if you need to verify your appointment. They will "buzz" you through the security door to the right for the John Morgan building.
  • Enter the John Morgan building and proceed to the end of the hall, past the vending machines, and turn left.
  • Continue to the mid-point of this hallway (leaving John Morgan and entering Anatomy-Chemistry), up a few steps. After the steps, there is an elevator to the left or stairs to the right.
  • Take the elevator or stairs to the fourth floor. Proceed forward and continue down a hall (past HPAC equipment). Through a doorway, following a winding hall, proceed to the Anatomy-Chemistry main hallway.
  • When you reach the main hallway, turn right. PMACS is the first office door on your right, Room 410. Ring the bell by the door and someone will let you in.

From Guardian Drive (This entrance requires a Black Key):

  • Enter the Anatomy-Chemistry building though the south entrance facing Guardian Drive, directly across from the entrance to Blockley Hall.
  • Take the stairs to the fourth floor.
  • When you reach the main hallway take a left, PMACS is the first door on your right, Room 410.

Building Maps

map map map

If you do not have a Local Support Provider please call (215) 573-4636 during regular University hours, 9AM - 5PM Monday through Friday. You may also send an email message to

Penn Medicine Academic Computing Services (PMACS) at the Perelman School of Medicine

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