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Laptop Loss

If Your Computer Is Lost or Stolen...

  • Immediately report the incident to the local or University police.
    Do not wait for the police report to be completed before reporting the loss/theft to PMACS. Contact PMACS immediately after your initial call to the police.
  • Report the incident to PMACS immediately after contacting the police.
    To report a computer as being lost/stolen and initiate the tracking we need to know...
    • The serial number of the computer (if you do not have this we can help find it)
    • The primary owner/user of the computer
    • The address, including city/state, from which the computer was stolen
    • The details of the loss/theft, including the last known location of the computer and, if known, how it was lost/stolen
    • If the power cord was stolen along with the computer
    • Contact PMACS by:
      E-mail: or
      Phone: 215-746-5578 or 215-573-4636
    • You should also contact your group's Local Support Provider.
  • Determine if sensitive information is stored on the computer.
    Determine if any data stored on the lost/stolen computer meet the University's criteria for Sensitive or Confidential Data. If any sensitive data exists on the lost/stolen computer report this to PMACS as soon as possible, with as much detail about the data as possible.
    DO NOT send copies or examples of the data itself to PMACS via e-mail.
  • Finalize the police report, and follow-up with PMACS.
    When filing a report with the police make note of:
    • The name of the police agency to which the loss was reported (For example - Penn Police, Philadelphia Police Department, etc).
    • The police file # of the report.
    • The name and/or badge # of the investigating officer, if possible.
    • The phone number of the police agency that filed the report.

    Follow-up with PMACS once the police report has been finalized and you have the information requested above.

Insurance Claims Through the University

For information on filing an insurance claim through the University contact the Office of Risk Management & Insurance.

For more information, contact Bob DeSilets at or 215-746-5578.

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