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Penn Medicine O365 Email Migration


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  • Zimbra — The existing email system managed by ISC that most PSOM staff use everyday
  • Penn Medicine O365 – Microsoft Office 365 managed by UPHS for all of Penn Medicine
  • University O365 - Microsoft Office 365 managed by ISC for all of the University of Pennsylvania
  • UPHS Exchange — The existing email system managed by UPHS and used most by Clinical departments

PMACS has received a lot of questions related to email accounts and the scheduled migration, please see the below table to understand how you are going to be affected and what you can expected on Monday (9/18) starting 7 am. 


Current Email Type

Email Address Monday 9/18

Penn Medicine Network Username

Default Penn Medicine Network Password*

What’s happening to my account data

Webmail Website for Monday 9/18

Can I check my email during the Migration Window **

University O365










Data migrated to Pennmedicine O365


Zimbra forwarding to UPHS Exchange [1]

Penn Medicine Network Username

Penn Medicine Network Password

Due to forwarding data already exists in UPHS Exchange


UPHS Exchange forward to Zimbra



Data migrated to Pennmedicine O365


Using UPHS and Zimbra separately [2] and



Zimbra data will be migrated to PennMedicine O365, UPHS Exchange is unaffected.


NO (zimbra) and YES (UPHS Exchange)


[1] Zimbra users forwarding to UPHS Exchange can use their UPHS Exchange account during the migration window and will only have a UPHS Exchange account on Monday 9/18.  UPHS Exchange accounts will be migrated at a later date.  Messages sent to will continue to forward to your account.

[2] Users that have both a UPHS Exchange and Zimbra account and use them SEPARATELY (meaning there is no forwarding involved) will continue to maintain two separate accounts (PennMedicine O365 and UPHS Exchange) post migration.  UPHS Exchange accounts will be migrated at a later date.

* #### in the default Penn Medicine Network Password refers to the last 4 digits of your Penn ID # (Your Penn ID # is the middle 8 digits on your card that are bolded).

** Penn Medicine migration window is Friday 7pm – Monday 6am.


Why is my email address changing?

All email addresses will be formatted as follows:

What is the webmail address to access email?

Please refer to the table above.  

What is my Penn Medicine network account and password?

Please refer to the table above.

Can I opt-out of the upgrade?

Everyone on Zimbra will have to be migrated. Zimbra will be shutting down shortly after the migration. 

When is my email being migrated to O365?

The migration window will begin at 7 pm Friday (9/15) and end 6 am Monday (9/18). 

Will I be able to use my email during the migration period?

Please refer to the table above.  Zimbra users will NOT be able to use email.  UPHS Exchange users can continue to use email during the migration window.

Will my old email address be forwarded to O365?

Yes. Any emails that are sent to or will be forwarded to your new email address for 1 year.

Will I lose any of my old data?

No. All emails, contacts, calendars will be migrated to Penn Medicine O365.

Are there items that will not transfer from Zimbra to O365?

Yes. These include:  

  • Email signatures
  • Message tags
  • Filters and rules
  • Autoreplies messages
  • Auto-complete of email addressing

How will I access my email?

Email can still be accessed through a web portal (link to come) or Microsoft Outlook (Windows and Mac). ALL other clients (i.e. Thunderbird, AppleMail, etc.) are not supported.

Will an LSP be able to help me setup my new email?

Yes. LSP’s will be coming around starting 9/18 to get users setup in Outlook.  If you are a non PMACS-supported user please refer to your LSP or call 215-662-7474 starting Monday 9/18 7 am.

Can I still access my email on my mobile device?

Instructions for this process are above. Accessing email through your mobile device will require the use of the Intune MDM application. This technology will allow your email to be wiped from your device in the event it is lost or stolen. 

Who can I contact if I am having issues with my email?

Please contact your LSP if you are having issues or call 215-662-7474 starting Monday 9/18 7 am.

Does Penn Medicine O365 include a free copy of Office 2016?

Yes for Penn Medicine machines owned and managed by Penn Medicine IT staff,  please contact your LSP or call 215-662-7474 starting Monday 9/18 7 am.  Personal copies can be purchased for a discount through Penn Medicine“s site license.  Information to do so is forthcoming.  

How will this migration affect me if I have Zimbra and a UPHS email account?

Please refer to the table above.

If I was migrated to O365 last year will I be migrated again?

No. If you were migrated to University O365 last year you will not be included in this migration.

My group had shared Zimbra accounts, will they be migrated?

Shared or group zimbra accounts are being migrated the same way individual accounts are. They can be accessed in O365 by clicking on your name in the upper right hand corner and then clicking on “Open another mailbox...” The existing group account name will have psom- added before the existing account name. Example: will become

If something is missing when I open my O365 account, will I be able to get it back?

Yes, your email data is being backed up and can be recovered if the need should arise. Please contact your LSP or call 215-662-7474 starting Monday 9/18 7 am.

How much space do I have to store email in O365?

Everyone is given a 50GB mailbox to use. In addition to the 50GB mailbox there is an unlimited amount of space available in the O365 Archive mailbox.

Can I request more mailbox space be added to the 50GB?

Currently, there is no option to make the initial mailbox larger than 50GB. You may move email to the unlimited archive mailbox if you fill the 50GB mailbox.

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