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Setting or Resetting Your Local Email Password

Setting Your Local Email Password

You may use Zimbra Account Services to set or reset your local email password. This step is necessary for setting up your Zimbra account in an email client or accessing it through a mobile device.

Open a Web Browser and Navigate to Zimbra Account Services

Open a web browser and navigate to Zimbra Account Services

Enter Your PennKey Credentials

Enter your PennKey credentials
  • Enter your PennKey username and Password
  • Select the 'Log in' button'

Log in to Zimbra Account Services

Log in to the Zimbra Account Services

  • Select your Account from the 'Account:' drop-down menu
  • Select the 'Continue' button

Select the 'Reset Password' Tab

Select the 'Reset Password' tab

  • Select the 'Reset Password' tab
  • Enter your desired local email password and confirm it on the following line
  • Select the 'Reset Password' button

For more information, email or submit a ticket.

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