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Spam and Phishing Message Information

Server-side spam filtering is enabled for all Zimbra email accounts. You may manage your spam filtering options through the Zimbra account services page.

More information on spam and how to control it is available at the following site,

Phishing messages are emails that attempt to extract confidential information by having you respond to the message or click on a link within the body of the email. Phishing messages may also pose a risk to your computer's security.

The University of Pennsylvania Will Never Ask You to Disclose Any Confidential Information

More information on phishing messages is available at the following site,

ISC maintains an archive of phishing messages that is available at the following site,

Email and mailing list messages that are threatening or harassing are not spam. If you receive threatening or harassing emails or mailing list messages, or you feel the personal safety of yourself or any other person is threatened via email or mailing list messages, please report it directly to Penn Public Safety at 511 (on-campus) or 215-573-3333 (off-campus).

For more information, email or submit a ticket.

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