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Mechanism and Regulation of Muscle Contraction

From Forkey JN, Quinlan ME, Shaw MA, Corrie JE, Goldman YE. Three-dimensional structural dynamics of myosin V by single-molecule fluorescence polarization. Nature. 422:399-404. 2003.

Figure 1. Data trace from a single myosin V molecule translocating along actin in the presence of 5 μM ATP. Polarized fluorescence intensities have units of photocounts per 10-ms gate; total intensities have units of photocounts per 40-ms cycle. Polarized intensity subscripts indicate excitation/detection polarizations as defined in the Methods. IFit is the total intensity determined by fitting the polarized fluorescence intensities; ITot is calculated from the polarized intensities as described in the Methods and should approximate IFit plus background. The single discrete decrease of all intensities to background levels at 3.7 s is due to photobleaching of the fluorophore. The inset defines β, α and δ (red, green and blue traces, respectively, in bottom panels) relative to the actin filament and the microscope frame, which is defined with the stage in the x-y plane.

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