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Kersti K. Linask, M.D.

Department of Cell Biology, University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey

Contact Information

University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey
Department of Cell Biology
2 Medical Center Drive
Stratford, NJ 08084
Phone: (609) 566-6053
Fax: (609) 566-6195
Position: Assistant Professor


The major focus of our research is analyzing cell adhesion and extracellular matrix interactions in regulating early heart development up to the looping stages. Studies include flectin and asymmetry, N-cadherin/B-catenin roles, fibronectin. Another major area is developing a new mouse model to analyze gene dosage effects on heart development in trisomy 16.

Representative Publications

  1. Linask, K.K. 1992. N-Cadherin localization in early heart development and polar expression of Na, K-ATPase and integrin during pericardial coelom formation and epithelialization of the differentiating myocardium. Dev. Biol. 151:213-224.
  2. Linask, K.K. 1992. Regulatory role of cell adhesion molecules in early heart development. In Formation and Differentiation of Early Embryonic Mesoderm. Lash, J.W. and Bellairs, R., eds. NATO ASI Scries, Plenum Publishing Corporation, New York, NY.
  3. Linask, K.K. and J.W. Lash. 1993. Early heart development: Dynamics of endocardial cell sorting suggests a common origin with cardiomyocytes. Dev. Dynamics. 195:62-69.
  4. Linask, Kersti K. and Gui, Yong-Hao. 1995. Inhibitory effects of ouabain on cardiomyogenesis and early heart development. Dev. Dynamics. 203:93-105.
  5. Canete-Soler, R., Gui, Y.-H., Linask, K.K., and Muschel, R.J. 1995. Expression of MMP-9 (Gelatinase B) mRNA is associated with development of the embryonic mouse brain and coincides with vascularization. Dev. Brain Res. 88:37-52.
  6. Tsuda, T., Philp, N., Zile, M.H., and Linask, K.K. 1996. Left-right asymmetric localization of flectin in the extracellular matrix during heart looping. Dev. Biol. 173:39-50.
  7. Gui, Y-H, Linask, K.K., Khowsathit, P., and Huhta, J.C. 1996. Doppler echocardiography of normal and abnormal embryonic mouse heart function. Ped. Res. 40:633-642.
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