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Tatyana M. Svitkina, Ph.D.

Department of Biology

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Department of Biology
University of Pennsylvania
221 Leidy Laboratory
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Phone: (215) 898-5736
Fax: (215) 898-8780
Position: Associate Professor


Mechanisms of cell motility and roles of the cytoskeleton in this process. Cytoskeleton may be considered as molecular hardware for motility, which is controlled by molecular "software", the signaling networks. The major question of my research is how the hardware works. The design of an unknown machine can be understood based on how its elements are structurally arranged, how they move during action, and what happens if some element is missing. My experimental approach is based on the same idea applied to cells and molecules. I use platinum replica electron microscopy (EM) to analyze the structural organization of the cytoskeleton at the nanometer scale level. Since EM is not applicable to living cells, to see the machinery in action I use correlative analysis, in which the dynamic observation of a cell is followed by EM of the same cell. This approach allows establishing functional connections between cytoskeletal dynamics and supramolecular organization. Functional perturbations of specific molecules give further insight into details of the molecular design of cellular motile machinery. A more specific focus of my current research is on the mechanisms of leading edge protrusion, which is driven by polymerization of actin. Lamellipodia and filopodia are the two major protrusive organelles with strikingly different design and different sets of molecular players. Although we were able to formulate the basic models for each of these organelles, many questions remain about their molecular design and specific roles of individual molecules. I address these questions in my research.

Representative Publications

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  12. T.M. Svitkina, A.B. Verkhovsky, and G.G. Borisy. Improved procedures for electron microscopic visualization of the cytoskeleton of cultured cells. J. Struct. Biol. 115:290-303. 1995.


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