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Institute for Cancer Research
Fox Chase Cancer Center
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Philadelphia, PA 19111
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Our laboratory is interested in the mechanisms of microtubule-based motility- the directed motility of vesicles, organelles, and chromosomes along the microtubule cytoskeleton. Our research focuses on understanding the cellular role and function of cytoplasmic dynein, and its required activator dynactin. Dynactin is a unique oligomeric complex which binds to microtubules, to cytoplasmic dynein, and to spectrin via a filament formed from an actin-related protein. In Drosophila, both dynein and dynactin are essential: we are currently examining the roles of these proteins in vesicle trafficking in cells, including the rapid microtubule-based transport required in the extended axons of neuronal cells.

Representative Publications

  1. Gay, D. A., Yen, T. J., Lau, J. T. Y., Cleveland, D. W. (1987) Sequences that confer b-tubulin autoregulation through modulated mRNA stability reside with Exon 1 of b-tubulin mRNA. Cell 50:671-679.
  2. Joshi, H. C., Yen, T. J., Cleveland, D. W. (1987) In vivo coassembly of a divergent b-tubulin subunit (cb6) into microtubules of different function. J. Cell Biol. 105:2179-2190.
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  14. Lombillo, V.A., Nislow, C., Yen, T.J., Gelfand, V.I., McIntosh, J.R. (1995) Antibodies to the kinesin motor domain and CENP-E inhibit microtubule depolymerization-dependent motion of chromosomes in vitro. J. Cell Biol. 128:107-116.
  15. Thrower, D.A., Jordan, M.A., Schaar, B.T., Yen, T.J., Wilson, L. (1995) Mitotic HeLa cells contain a CENP-E-associated minus end-directed microtubule motor. EMBO J. 14:918-926.
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Reviews and Books

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