PMI Seminar Series
Edward D. Salmon, PhD
"How the kinetochore harnesses microtubule force and centromere stretch to move chromosomes revealed by a FRET tension sensor within Ndc80 protein"

November 3, 2014
2pm, Austrian Auditorium, CRB

Cell Motility Journal Club
Suvranta Tripathy
November 5, 2014
12pm, 702 Clinical Research Building

PMI Muscle Club
Hansell Stedman, MD
November 11, 2014
1pm, 702 Clinical Research Building,

PMI Annual Symposium
Actin Cytoskeleton -
Mechanisms in Health and Disease
December 5, 2014

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Program HERE



The Lindstrom Lab demonstrates efficacy for vaccine for myasthenia gravis.  See press release HERE

Dr. Ekaterina Grishchuk is the 2014 recipient of Michael S. Brown New Investigator Research Award.  Congratulations Katya!

Please read the Penn Medicine press release regarding the Pennsylvania Muscle Institute's NIH PO1 HERE

Congratulations to the PMI team of Ostap, Dominguez, Goldman, Holzbaur, and Shuman for receiving a renewal of their NIH PO1!

Congratulations to Ryan Jamiolkowski (Goldman Lab) for receiving a Ruth L. Kirschstein Award (F30) from NIH.

The Dominguez Lab determines how actin filaments are capped in muscle fibers. See Article in Science HERE

Sandra Maday in the Holzbaur Lab resolves crucial steps in autophagosome biogenesis. HERE

Congratulations to Michael Greenberg (Ostap Lab) for receiving a prestigious Pathway to Independence Award (K99/R00) award from NIH/NHLBI.

Meredith Wilson (Holzbaur Lab) wins award for best poster by a graduate student at the Gordon Research Conference on Muscle & Molecular Motors.

Congratulations to Dr. Erika Holzbaur for receiving the Senator Jacob Javits Award in the Neurosciences from NINDS!

Congratulations to Dr. Elisabeth Barton for receiving the Basic Sciences Teaching Award from Penn Dental Medicine.  Details HERE

Dr. Jonathan Epstein and a picture of Dr. Vivienne Ho (PMI T32 trainee) highlighted in Phila. Inquirer article regarding CRISPR technology. HERE

The Dominguez Lab (including former PMI T32 trainee, David Kast) identify a structural mechanism for the regulation of plasma membrane shape. HERE

The Stedman Lab (including former PMI T32 trainee, Andy Mead) investigates the pathobiology of respiratory functional decline in a model system for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. HERE

Information about the Franklin Medal Symposium HERE

Congratulations to Michael Woody (Ostap/Goldman Lab) for receiving an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

PMI Labs collaborate to solve the high-resolution structure of a tension-sensing molecular motor.  See abstract HERE and movie HERE

Dominguez Lab solves the atomic structure of a key protein complex required for cell motility. and movieSee article and movie HERE.

The Weisel lab discovers that red blood cells change their shape to facilitate blood clotting.  See their work featured on the NIH websiteHEREand see the abstract HERE

Congratulations to Sarah Rooney (Soslowsky Lab) for winning a poster award at the Penn Bioengineering Grad Group Symposium.  Sarah is sponsored by the PMI training program, and the title of her poster was, “Exercise Protocol Induces Muscle, Tendon, and Bone Adaptations in the Rat Shoulder.”

The Discher Lab shows the important relationship between cardiac myocyte contraction and substrate stiffness.  See Penn press release HERE and details HERE

The Khurana and Lamitina Labs identify a role for Dysferlin in the regulation of cholinergic signaling.  See abstract HERE

The Tran Lab discovers new roles for molecular motors in regulating chromosome segregation.  See abstract HERE

The Discher Lab discovers a role for myosin motors in asymmetric division of blood stem cell.  See Penn press release HERE and details HERE

Dr. Grishchuk’s
lab characterizes motor crucial for correcting position of misaligned chromosomes.  See article in Nature Cell Biology HERE

Congratulations to Michael Woody(Ostap & Goldman Labs) for winning the 2013 Raiziss Award for academic excellence.

Congratulations to Meng-meng Fu (Holzbaur Lab) and Steven Jones (Svitkina Lab) for winning the PMI Poster Competition.

Thanks to all who participated in the PMI Retreat and Symposium: Force Sensing: Mechanobiology from Molecules to Tissues HERE

Dr. Dennis Discher's lab discovers link between lamin-A and stem cell differentiation.  See article in Science here HERE and Penn press release HERE

Dr. Michael Lampson’s lab finds a meiotic timing mechanism important for preventing cytoskeletal-chromosome attachment errors. HERE

Dr. Erika Holzbaur’s lab identifies a molecular switch that regulates directional transport of amyloid precursor protein. HERE

Hear Dr. H. Lee Sweeney interviewed about muscle-enhancing drugs on National Public Radio HERE

Dr. Wei Guo and other PMI labs find an important link between cell motility and membrane structure.  See Penn press releaseHERE,and the complete article HERE

Congratulations to Dr. Allison Zajac on receiving her Ph.D. under Dr. Erika Holzbaur, Ph.D. and Dr. Michael Ostap, Ph.D., Pennsylvania Muscle Institute

Dr. Michael Ostap is the featured Biophysical Journal Editor.  Scroll down to see interview. HERE

Validation of multicenter protocol examining imaging of DMD patients. HERE

Dr. Dominguez's Lab shows how Rickettsia hijacks the actin cytoskeleton. HERE

PMI Labs show how molecular motors move growth factors in living cells. HERE

Dr. Grishchuk measures the force of microtubule depolymerization. HERE

See Dr. Discher's Science article on nanoparticle delivery. HERE

See the recent Penn News article highlighting recent work from Dr. Yale E. Goldman’s Lab here. HERE