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University of Pennsylvania | Perelman School of Medicine | PODIATRIC RESIDENCY PROGRAM | Purpose

Purpose of the Residency

The purpose of the residency program in podiatric surgery at University of Pennsylvania Medical Center - Presbyterian is to fulfill the educational requirements for each individual graduate's surgical competency to be developed beyond the present worldwide community of surgeons endeavoring in the discipline of foot and ankle surgery. This is inclusive of all disciplines of medicine and surgery including general surgery, orthopedic surgery, plastic surgery, and so forth.

It is also the purpose of this residency program to emphasize the humanistic quality for patient care and needs. Additionally, the residency seeks to develop the leadership capacity in the podiatric profession toward an improved surgical aptitude and the improvement of results from all performance and service.

The residency shall embrace the scientific concept and method of comprehension as an essential intellect of the podiatric surgeon.

The residency shall have the purpose to educate the podiatric resident through the classical system of learning habit. It is also a purpose to develop the podiatric resident's potential to contribute to man's civilization in the broadest sense and to encourage mature tolerance.

Ultimately, the purpose of this residency is the selection of graduates of recognized Schools of Podiatric Medicine who possess the unique ability required to aspire to the tenets of this residency program that will result in the graduation of the most distinctive podiatric surgeons in the world.