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POOL COOL is a research-based program and has been evaluated at over 400 pool sites across the United States. For a map of where these pools are located, click here. Research has shown that swimming pools with POOL COOL's Sun Safety program had more protected pool environments, and that children and parents improved their sun protection habits after the program. The results have also shown a reduction in sunburn among lifeguards participating in the program.

Why is this program important?

Skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the United States, with one million new cases diagnosed each year. It's widely known that protection from the sun's rays could prevent about 90% of all skin cancer cases. Youth are the most at risk for overexposure to ultraviolet radiation (UV rays) because they spend the most time outdoors in the sun. It is estimated that we receive 80% of our lifetime UV exposure before the age of 18. And those who receive the most overexposure to the sun (tanning & burning) tend to have the highest rates of skin cancer later in life. Protection includes covering up with sleeves and shorts, seeking shade, using sunscreen properly (SPF 15+ and re-apply often), and avoiding staying outside too long during peak sun hours (10am - 4pm).

How is the program implemented?

The POOL COOL program teaches kids about the dangers of overexposure to the sun and encourages them to develop healthy habits for a lifetime. The POOL COOL lessons are taught in conjunction with regular swimming lessons. There are 8 lessons total, each taking no more than 5 minutes at the start of swim class. The program also contains 5 additional sun-safe Poolside Activities that can be conducted with kids when there is more free time available.

The Pool Cool Program at Your Pool

The POOL COOL curriculum is specifically designed to be conducted in conjunction with swim lessons at swimming pools (For programs more suitable to school classrooms or other settings, please visit our Links section for information on additional programs).

For aquatics professionals that would like to conduct the Pool Cool program at their pool, materials can be obtained by registering with us and then downloading the materials directly from the website. To register, click here.

Note: If you have already registered prior to August 2010 or if you were one of our 400+ study pools during the Diffusion Trial (2003 - 2006), please contact us at poolcool@zimbra.upenn.edu for the new login info and then you may proceed directly to login.