Biomedical Postdoctoral Programs
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Chapter 5

“Special” Postdocs

  • External Stipend Support

A small percentage of our postdocs are paid directly from a foreign government or external company and do not receive their stipend through the University’s Personnel/Payroll system. The appointment process is the same for these individuals and their letters should clearly indicate the source and amount of their funding. These individuals should be put on the University Personnel/Payroll system with an unsalaried postdoctoral title. The University’s Postdoc Policy still requires that the basic postdoc insurance plan is offered and if chosen, it should be paid for by the mentor or department.

  • “Year Out” Clinical Fellows (primarily in Surgery, Orthopeadic Surgery or Medicine)

The School of Medicine has postdocs in both its clinical and basic science departments. In clinical departments, clinical fellows may take a “year out” to do research as part of the formal training program in their discipline/specialty. This research year is often funded through a training grant or other University research award and therefore the clinical fellow will be given a full-time postdoctoral appointment on the University’s payroll system for that year. The appointment process on the University’s Personnel/Payroll is the same for these individuals as other postdocs. For these postdocs, a copy of their current medical license will be accepted in lieu of a copy of their diploma. In addition, some clinical fellows will do their year out in research at the Veteran’s Administration (VA). A clinical fellow will only be considered a School of Medicine postdoc if his or her primary funding comes through the School of Medicine.