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Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia

The department of psychiatry shares a close affiliation with The Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia, which is affiliated with the American Psychoanalytic Association and the International Psychoanalytic Association. In 2006, the Penn Department of Psychiatry and the Psychoanalytic Center signed an Educational and Research Collaboration to develop educational experiences collaborating with the University’s undergraduate, graduate, and professional schools, as well as the psychiatry residency. The collaboration will also focus on the development of research on psychoanalysis and psychodynamic psychotherapy. Click here to learn more about the Penn-PCOP collaboration.

The Center’s programs include both adult and child Psychoanalytic training programs taught from a contemporary perspective, both adult and child Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy training programs, a Fellowship program offering one- and two-year fellowships to both clinical and non-clinical applicants, and Continuing Education Programs which provide a variety of opportunities for mental health clinicians to maintain and improve their clinical awareness and skills.

Supervisors from The Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia are available to the Penn residents, and many of the faculty members at the Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia teach aspects of the psychodynamic curriculum. Penn residents can also pursue fellowships at the Center or enroll or in classes and the training programs.

Beck Institute for Cognitive Therapy and Research

The Beck Institute for Cognitive Therapy and Research was founded in 1994 as a natural outgrowth of Dr. Aaron T. Beck’s original Center for Cognitive Therapy at the University of Pennsylvania, which has served as a critically important training ground for cognitive therapists / cognitive-behavior therapists. The Beck Institute has weekly conferences and offers CBT supervision to many of our psychiatry residents. Judith Beck, PhD, the Director of the Beck Institute is a major teacher in the psychiatry residency, leading many of the PGY3 and 4 CBT seminars.

Center for Cognitive Therapy

Founded by the world-famous psychiatrist, Dr. Aaron T. Beck, and located on the northern part of the campus of the University of Pennsylvania, the Center for Cognitive Therapy is a leading tertiary care facility, conducting therapy, education and clinical training, and research. The caring and knowledgeable therapists of the Center for Cognitive Therapy are committed to providing their patients with treatment that is effective, time-efficient, and durable.

The Center for Cognitive Therapy adheres to the philosophy that the patient’s well- being is the top priority. Toward this end, our therapists treat their patients with respect, and warmth, while also utilizing the state-of-the-art methods of Cognitive Therapy, one of the most extensively researched systems of psychotherapy.

The results of a significant body of research overwhelmingly supports the effectiveness of Cognitive Therapy for a wide range of problems - most notably Major Depression, and Anxiety Disorders (including Phobias, Panic Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder). In addition, a growing number of studies is addressing the clinical power of Cognitive Therapy in treating such problems as relationship difficulties, eating disorders, social phobia, bipolar disorder (with medication), obsessive compulsive disorder (with medication), personality disorders, and others. Our senior therapists actively publish, and are at the forefront of efforts to expand, improve, and teach the collective methods that comprise Cognitive Therapy.