Amna Rizvi is an MPH student whose interests are in reproductive health, primarily in raising awareness about and increasing access to family planning services and safe abortion care for women in developing countries. Unsafe abortion is a major factor in women’s health and well-being and it is estimated that unsafe abortion accounts for nearly 13% of maternal deaths in developing countries. Along these lines, Amna's interest in reproductive health arose when she returned to her native Pakistan after completing a B.A. in Journalism from Temple University. While working as a health reporter, Amna first discovered the tragic reality that a staggering number of women in the country were dying as a result of preventable pregnancy-related issues. Amna was the recipient of the 2012 Nathanson Fellowship Award, which she used to travel to Pakistan for her Capstone Project. For this project, Amna partnered with a reproductive health organization in the country in order to explore the barriers pertaining to the provision of family planning services and safe abortion care by Gynecologists in Pakistan. Amna has also worked with reproductive health organizations based in the U.S. and Pakistan on projects regarding family planning and abortion policies worldwide.

In addition to pursuing her MPH degree, Amna works full-time as a Health Communications Specialist for the Philadelphia Department of Public Health in their Tobacco Policy and Control Program. At the Health Department, Amna is involved with the Get Healthy Philly program and works to promote and implement the City's smoke-free initiatives and educate the public about the dangers of tobacco use and the harms of secondhand smoke.

Amna was recently featured in the Center for Public Health Initiatives' Spring 2013 newsletter.