• Instructor in Benjamin Franklin Scholars Program for Community Based Education
  • Deputy Director of Community Outreach Education Core for Center of Excellence in Environmental Toxicology

Professor Pepino has 28 years of experience working with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency holding management positions such as Chief of Environmental Impact Analysis, Associate Director of Office of Watersheds, and Chief of Strategic Planning. He is also currently teaching at the University of Pennsylvania in the Master of Public Health Program (MPH) and lecturing in the School of Arts and Sciences. 

Professor Pepino was named "Most Influential Professor" in the Natural Sciences by the Franklin & Marshall Class of 2007.

Professor Pepino's research interests include Public health risks to children from persistent heavy metals exposure; the occurrence of low level Endocrine Disrupting Compounds (EDCs) in surface and drinking water supplies; academically-based community learning experiences in target populations in response to public health risks; non-regulatory approaches to wetlands and watershed restoration; regulatory applications of the National Environmental Policy Act.