The Master of Public Health Program serves as a resource to graduate students as well as faculty and staff campus-wide who have an interest in public health. We expect that many of the PUBH courses that are developed for the MPH program will be of broad general interest and we encourage you to explore our course options. See course descriptions.

At the discretion of the instructor, courses listed under the PUBH prefix will be open to individuals other than those enrolled in the MPH degree program. Those interested may include:

  • Graduate students in any Penn program, faculty or staff with an interest in public health but without formal prior coursework in public health topics.
  • Upper division undergraduate students with adequate prior preparation.
  • Faculty or staff with prior public health coursework who wish to augment or update this. For example, "staff" may include medical residents, research project staff, postdoctoral associates, or fellows.
  • Eligibility to take PUBH courses is also open to others in the Philadelphia community who have completed an undergraduate degree, and have the permission of the instructor.

Where appropriate, eligibility for enrollment and feasibility of taking courses should be cleared with the home department or supervisor.

For more information on taking PUBH courses, click on the appropriate category:

Drop Policy: Please note that students who drop a course within the course selection period, which is the first two weeks of the term, will receive a full tuition refund. Students will be responsible for 50% of the tuition and fees for any course dropped between the second and fourth weeks of the term. Students who withdraw from a course after the 4th week of the term will be responsible for 100% of tuition and fees.