Jennifer Pinto Martin photoDear Current and Future MPH Students,

I write to express my warm welcome to those already enrolled in and those applying to the Masters of Public Health Program at the University of Pennsylvania. We are currently accepting applications from full and part-time and dual-degree students. The admissions requirements and application procedures, proposed curriculum and other key program details are outlined on this website.

The University of Pennsylvania’s Masters of Public Health Program is the only accredited multi-school program in the country. Faculty from the Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Veterinary Medicine, Dental Medicine, Arts and Sciences, Architecture and Design, Social Policy and Practice and the Wharton School of Business are involved in teaching and advising in the program. In addition, we currently have joint masters degree and certificate options with several of these schools and others, including the Law School and the Biomedical Graduate Studies Program.

Public Health is no longer restricted to the realms of industrial hygiene and sanitation. The field has evolved and broadened to include such concepts as the equitable access to quality health care, the prevention of violence in inner-cities, access to and education about healthy foods and many other topics of relevance to all of us living in society today. There exists a rich opportunity for those of us engaged in public health research and practice to MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Those of you who have enrolled are already committed to making a difference. We will strive to provide you the education and tools to enable you to realize your commitment. We welcome you and look forward to watching your work take shape.

For those of you who are considering applying the program, we are delighted that you are interested. Please learn more by browsing the website and by contacting us directly.


Jennifer Pinto-Martin, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Director, Master of Public Health Program