Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania
Center for Resuscitation Science

Hypothermia and Resuscitation Training Institute at Penn (HART)


We offered an online post-course survey. Here are some of the pertinent comments and results:

What were the major strengths of the course?

"I thought overall the course was great and very helpful and informational. I enjoyed the class and have been able to implement the skills I have learned with great success."

"The speakers were extremely knowledgable and able to convey their information in a clear manner that all could understand. The doctors and nurses were truly dedicated to all areas of hypothermia treatment."

"The simulations and small group discussions were wonderful and helped enforce everything we learned."

"Over my 32 years of nursing, I have attended many conferences including Cleveland Clinic and this ranks 2nd to American College of Cardiology's conferences- On a scale of 1 to 10 you guys rank 11!"

"Great learning environment- I never felt intimidated to ask a question! The conference was excellently timed and well-organized."

"I really benefited from the simulations and the interactions between peers regarding their experiences and practices."

"I really enjoyed getting to play with the devices, chatting with folks who had done cooling"

"I liked having paramedics, and nurses and physicians all there. It helped to see all the problems and why what might work best for one group will not work at all for another."

"Excellent faculty and willingness to teach"

"Faculty: 'gentle' learning environment; very knowledgeable and experienced practitioners"

"I thought the faculty was great! I enjoyed hearing what they had to say, and they were uniformly gracious in one on one "side bar discussions"