CSCN 9th Annual Research Retreat
Friday, June 8, 2012

Best Presentation in Basic Science Research
Robbert Havekes, PhD, Biology, “Cognitive Impairments Induced by Brief Sleep Deprivation Can Be Prevented by Targeting a Single Phosphodiesterase Isoform in the Hippocampus”

Best Presentation in Clinical/Translational Research
Andrea Spaeth, MA, Psychology, “Effects of Chronic Sleep Restriction on Body Weight and Food Intake in Healthy Adults”

Best Poster in Basic Science Research
Shailesh Kumar, PhD, Neuroscience, “Dopamine Acts Through Cryptochrome to Promote Acute Arousal at Night in Drosophila

Best Poster in Clinical/Translational Research
Christopher Jones, Unit of Experimental Psychiatry, "Unobtrusive Tracking of Slow Eyelid Closures as a Measure of Fatigue from Sleep Loss"

Research Retreat 2012 Program

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